Thursday, September 12, 2013

Militant Anti-Male Lesbianism in "Lesbian Nation"

Militant lesbianism was a central part of second wave feminism and the book "Lesbian Nation: The Feminist Solution" sumed up this element of the movement's viewpoints:

"Lesbian Nation: The Feminist Solution is a 1973 book by the radical lesbian feminist author and cultural critic Jill Johnston. The book was originally published as a series of essays featured in The Village Voice from 1969 to 1972. In the book Johnston outlines her vision of radical lesbian feminism.

She argues in favor of lesbian separatism, writing that women should make a total break from men and male-dominated capitalist institutions.[1] Johnston also wrote that female heterosexuality was a form of collaboration with patriarchy. Writing in the Gay & Lesbian Review in 2007 Johnston summarized her views -

Once I understood the feminist doctrines, a lesbian separatist position seemed the commonsensical position, especially since, conveniently, I was an L-person. Women wanted to remove their support from men, the ‘enemy’ in a movement for reform, power and self-determination.”

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