Friday, September 27, 2013

Women Whipping Their Husbands in the Public Streets of Oakland With Horsewhips 1906

Women were whipping men on the streets of Oakland in 1906. The San Francisco newspaper reports on how the following story was the second incident of a woman whipping a man in the street. The woman in this story is proudly boasting about howshe will whip her husband in public every time he does something she disagrees with and there is no record of her being arrested nor of anyone seeing any fault in her whipping the man. This is real history.

 Seriously oppressed segments of society don't whip their oppressors in broad daylight without any fear of retribution like this. Here's some wording from the article:

"A feature not down on the program occurred at the Orpheum Theater in this city last night. The performance had hardly started when a woman entered the theater and made her way down the center aisle, carrying a riding whip. Suddenly she produced the dainty lash, and without a word of warning brought it down vigorously on the shoulders and across the face of John W. Marsh.

He fled with all the alacrity at his command, and the irate woman turned her attention to the young damsel who occupied the adjoining seat. The whip descended upon the latter and the angered madam followed the man up the aisle. At the door both were requested to step outside which they did. The woman with the whip was Mrs. Alice Murray, upon whom he has lavished his affections."

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