Thursday, July 28, 2016

Canadian Women Benefit from Social Assistance More than Men.

   Canadian women rank higher in beneficiaries from tax payers' social assistance like "Employment and Income Assistance", but despite all that, you'll hear feminists complaining how Canadian society benefits males the most:

Sunday, July 17, 2016

The United Nations Admits Most Men in Third World Countries Oppose Female Genital Mutilation

The UN has now admitted that contrary to belief that FGM is associated with gender discrimination, most men and boys in third world countries oppose the practice. More men than women even oppose it in several of the countries where it is practiced the most. This admission will hopefully force the western media to resist blaming FGM on men-only in their reporting as they usually do in their articles. We won't hold our breath waiting on it though.

So far, to their credit, ABC News and the Washington Post have reported on the issue without altering the UN's statement.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Canadian Government is Lying About Women Being the Primary Victims of Violence

The Canadian Government is purposefully lying about how many women compared to men are victims of violence in the country. We discovered just how deep the lying go after cross-examining the statistics on gender violence on their Government website recently. In the screenshot we combined three set of statistics from the Canadian Government, the first one is from them lying and saying that women account for 51% of the victims of violence in the country, the second set of statistics is from the SAME website where they are telling you that women don't even account for half as many victims of violence as men do. The third set of statistics shows that the overall trend in violence against women has been a decrease in the numbers but the media and the Government are telling us it's an epidemic in their press releases.