Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Women Slut Shame Women More than Men.


Women are more likely to slut shame other women rather than men. This is one of those facts they quietly reported:

"Sexual permissiveness can be defined as attitudes or behaviors that are more liberal or extensive than what is normative in a social group. It can include actual or desiredfrequent, premarital, casual, group, or extradyadic sex, sex with many partners, early sexual debut, or even nonverbal cues signalizing availability (e.g., provocative clothing). 
Women and nonpermissive (sexually) men also rated the permissive target lower on friendship, desirability. Whereas women preferred the nonpermissive target in all four dimensions, men showed preference for the permissive target in the first two, and no preference in the last two dimensions. 
Thus, a man who has managed to attract many partners is particularly successful and assumed to be confident and emotionally secure.The acquisition of many sexual partners by a woman, on the other hand, is not a difficult achievement and is therefore interpreted as resulting from low self-esteem."