Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Divorce Rate Skyrockets in Iran Due to More Women Seeking to End Relationships Despite Western Myths of No Divorce Rights

Here in the West we are told that women in Iran are not allowed to divorce, that they are forced to get and remain married, that they are rarely allowed to go to school, and that they are left chained to the kitchen sinks by their evil husbands.

This is what the feminist movement and our misandric culture has been telling us about Iran for years but actually hundreds of thousands of Iranian women get divorces they initiated themselves.

There has been a dramatic increase in divorce in Iran the past 10 years and it is driven mainly by women seeking out divorces and manipulating the system as the following report from the New York Times illustrates:

"Divorce is skyrocketing in Iran. Over a decade, the number each year has roughly tripled to a little more than 150,000 in 2010 from around 50,000 in 2000, according to official figures. Nationwide, there is one divorce for every seven marriages; in Tehran, the ratio is 1 divorce for every 3.76 marriages, the government has reported.

While the change in divorce rates is remarkable, even more surprising is the major force behind it: the increasing willingness of Iranian women to manipulate the Iranian legal system to escape unwanted marriages...

Not only is divorce on the rise, but marriages are also failing early, with 30 percent of divorces in any given year occurring in the first year of marriage and 50 percent in the first five years...Twenty percent of Iranian women are employed or actively looking for jobs, according to government figures, compared with 7 percent in the first years after the 1979 Islamic Revolution. Female undergraduate students outnumber men in Iran’s universities almost two to one...

“At first I was afraid of how society would treat me after divorce,” said a seamstress named Sara, 33. “But after all the support that I got from my friends and my father, my uncle and aunts and the people who I turned to for advice, I thought, ‘No, the period in which people were prejudiced against divorce is over.’ No one ever judged me.”

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Fathers who owed child support payed more than mothers who did for yet another Census period

The latest data on child support from the US Census is out showing the numbers from 2011. Yet again fathers received a lower percentage of the child support they were owed from mothers and once again fathers paid a larger percent of the child support they owed mothers. BUT the idea that only fathers are deatbeat parents lives on. The data from the photo is on page 7 of the following document:

Friday, November 22, 2013

Serious Partner Violence Against Women Declined 72 Percent from 1994 to 2011 in Latest Statistics

The Bureau of Justice Statistics has just released it's latest report and revealed that between 1994 and 2011 the rate of serious intimate partner violence against women declined by 72 percent which creates another damning argument against the feminist movement's frequently repeated claim that men in America are becoming more and more violent against women:

"From 1994 to 2011, the rate of serious intimate partner violence, such as rape, sexual assault, robbery or aggravated assault, declined 72 percent for females, the Justice Department's Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) announced today."

Here is the Sacramento Bee article on the story:

And the Bureau of Justice Statistics report:

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Female Imposed Sexual Standards Are More Responsible for Female Sexual Comformity

Contrary to what the feminist movement will tell you, men are not the source of most of the pressure women feel when trying to meet cultural beauty standards. Other women are the main conformity police for how women dress not men according to the latest research. In the following article from the NY Times highlighting the research it states:

"The existence of female competition may seem obvious to anyone who has been in a high-school cafeteria or a singles bar, but analyzing it has been difficult because it tends be more subtle and indirect (and a lot less violent) than the male variety. Now that researchers have been looking more closely, they say that this “intrasexual competition” is the most important factor explaining the pressures that young women feel to meet standards of sexual conduct and physical appearance."

Monday, November 18, 2013

Two First Wave Feminists Try to Push Magistrate off Cliff Circa 1913

The article clipping and link detail the story of two first wave feminists trying to push a Magistrate off a cliff because he rightfully sentenced many of the other violent feminists of the day to prison-time. He talks about how much fear he lived in and how afraid for his life he was because of them. The source is the Montreal Gazette 1913. The evidence keeps coming.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Women in 1707 Talk About Pressuring the Government to Force All Men to be Married

In "Female Grievances: Dialogues between two Young Ladies concerning Love and Marriage" published in 1707 two women talk about the need to force young men who are bachelors to get married using Government coercion. They talked about how bachelors needed to be taxed and forced into the military if they refused to get married and support female entitlement and how the Government should take away their land afterwards. In the dialog you can see there was not a shred of fear in these women's voices or apprehension about the supposed oppressive men back then punishing them for openly talking about taking away men's rights. The link is from AVFM but they link you to the actual book itself which you can download for yourself and read:

"Mariana: With all my heart; you would have me begin, so accordingly I’ll proceed to the business, vis:

That every bachelor above the age of twenty, and childless widower under the age of fifty, shall be obliged to marry within the circle of one year, commencing from the date of the Act, or else be liable to be press’d into the Sea or Land Service (after the expiration of the Term limited) when ever Her Majesties Forces shall need a further recruit.

Eliza: That their personal effects shall be all sequester’d by the government, and be distributed by an Almoner for that purpose, into the hands of so many trustees, chosen out of every Parish, for the better supporting and maintaining all such poor children as have lost their fathers in defence of the Kingdom, and the overplus to be disposed of amongst those miserable husbands who are plagued with scolding wives and smoky houses."

A Voice For Men dug up a gem here

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Only Men Used as Human Guinea Pigs in Clinical Trials? That's Sexism Against Women.

Harvard Magazine in a 1997 article titled "Chivalry and Science" complains that only men were routinely used as human guinea pigs in clinical trials and calls it this brand of chivalry a form of oppressive discrimination against women:

"Ah, chivalry. We know it as that noble male quality that obligated Saint George to endure a dragon's sulphurous breath so a fair maiden would go free. But chivalry's legacy has been mixed: while it may have opened a few doors for women, historically it has closed many more. And, unfortunately, chivalry has excluded women from serving as study subjects in most biomedical research."

This was at the same time that clinical trials on drugs being used on women in the third world was being called unethical because the women were given placebos:

"The zidovudine (AZT) regimen used in the United States to prevent mother-to-infant transmission of HIV has not been feasible in the Third World because of its complexity and cost. But a U.S.-backed research initiative to test a simpler, less expensive regimen last year touched off a sharp debate about the ethical standards for clinical trials, particularly those in the Third World."

So when women were excluded from medical experiments it was called oppression and when they were included in medical experiments it was called oppression.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Circumcision was First Promoted as a "Cure" for Everything From Masturbation to Blindness for Boys and Girls in the US

In the Journal of Orificial Surgery 1898 pgs 61-62 and on pg 385 the medical establishment talks about how cirumcision of baby boys has cured insanity, masturbation, and retardation in baby boys among other mental disorders and how sadly girls have been neglected and need female circumcision to "cure" them of these ailments as well

It is absolutely amazing to me that the medical industry hasn't suffered a single blow to its legitimacy despite having promoted practices like this with absolutely no science behind them up to the present. People are so ignorant about these atrocities to the point where it's as if they never happened.

Circumcision for boys is promoted to cure masturbation pgs 61-62

On pg 123, circumcision was performed by doctors on people to "cure blindness". In this particular case it was an actor who was "cured" because his foreskin had caused him to lose his eyesight. And it's no different today as the medical establishment tells us we have to slice off healthy parts of the male baby's body in order to prevent HIV because of course the male genitalia is disease-prone.

On pg 385 the medical establishment talks about how circumcision of baby boys has "cured" insanity, masturbation, and retardation in baby boys among other mental disorders and how sadly girls have been neglected and need female circumcision to "cure" them of these ailments as well

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

First Wave Feminists Engaged in Assault of Police Officers and Slapped Them in the Face to Get Prison Time

The first wave feminists used a strategy called "technical assault" where they were slapping and assaulting police officers in broad daylight in order to get arrested and in the following passage from a first wave feminist you can see the police officers were pretty much letting them hit them. Someone with money and influence must have been telling the police officers to take it easy on these women or something because if a man slapped a police officer they would have shot the guy on the spot."technical+assault"&source=bl&ots=a2WqHKknbx&sig=zFrtYZETwC9_lDwLV2kIWEoSHCY&hl=en&sa=X&ei=5Lt1UoXjNvHJsQSZmIKYBQ&ved=0CHsQ6AEwCTgK#v=onepage&q=suffragettes%20%22technical%20assault%22&f=false

Monday, November 4, 2013

How the Prison System Discriminates Against Men by Allowing Female Guards to Watch Them Nude

In "The Gender Line: Men, Women, and the Law " by Nancy Levit she explains how male prisoners have less privacy and are subjected to female guards staring at them nude but female prisoners are protected from male prison guards staring at them nude. Thus even female prisoners are privileged relative to their male counterparts: 

“Female guards can view male prisoners in various stages of undress, but male guards cannot view female prisoners similarly disrobed. Women in custody are afforded more privacy than men. Simmering under the surface are assumptions about the motivations of the viewer. Women guards would not view men as sex objects, but male guards might be inclined to leer.”“Female+guards+can+view+male+prisoners+in+various+stages+of+undress,+but+male+guards+cannot+view+female+prisoners+similarly+disrobed"&source=bl&ots=VTwRly7aF7&sig=Um0bYFA_22ZWH-gH-HqjkSF56bM&hl=en&sa=X&ei=_bR3UprfA6Kz2gWF5oHwBA&ved=0CCoQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=%E2%80%9CFemale%20guards%20can%20view%20male%20prisoners%20in%20various%20stages%20of%20undress%2C%20but%20male%20guards%20cannot%20view%20female%20prisoners%20similarly%20disrobed%22&f=false

Friday, November 1, 2013

The Afghan Government has a Higher Percentage of Women Than the US Government and More Than the World Average

Afghanistan is another country where women by law have to comprise a certain percentage of the Government and guess what? Women in Afghanistan make up a larger percentage of the Government than in the US! Don't believe me? Look at the data for yourself from the World Bank. So whatever evils are coming out of Afghanistan and directed at women cannot be blamed solely on men but the Universities, Hollywood and the feminist movement all blame men 110%.

Here is the World Bank's data, you can see Afghanistan's percentages and the United States percentages at the bottom of the list. Afghanistan's percentage is well above the worldwide average of 18.5%

Here is Afghanistan's Constitution. Within it are the words:

"Article Eighty-Four
Members of the House of Elders shall be elected and appointed as follows:
1. From amongst each provincial council members, one individual shall be elected
by the respective council for a four year term;
2. From amongst district councils of each province, one individual, elected by the
respective councils, for a three year term;
3. The remaining one third of the members shall be appointed by the President, for a
five year term, from amongst experts and experienced personalities, including two
members from amongst the impaired and handicapped, as well as two from
nomads. The President shall appoint fifty percent of these individuals from amongst women."

Now ask yourself why our entire culture is united in a conspiracy to demonize every man in Afghanistan and why no one is mentioning ANY of this information. Thanks to
Ramzy Noor and Thiago Alves Souza for the Constitution.