Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Fairer Sex More Likely to Obey Inhumane Orders.

A study called "Obedience to Authority with an Authentic Victim", conducted by a joint university research team, reported that when men and women are given specific orders to commit violent acts, by an authority figure; women are 100% more likely to obey compared to 55% of men. The people who participated in the study were ordered to shock puppies under the guise of a scientific research. In the first section of the published paper, they inform us that women might be better than men at getting away with confronting or manipulating authority figures, but also do not do so because females are more compliant and submissive to authority:

Despite being not expected to comply orders, women were completely obedient into torturing the puppy:

APA abstract can be found here: http://psycnet.apa.org/psycinfo/1972-24881-001

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Male Domestic Violence Victims Are Discriminated Against by Hotlines and Online Resources

95% of the male domestic violence victims who were seeking help in the following study were either told that the hotline only helped women or were referred to a batterer's program. That information is from pg 33 of the following Clark University document

And similar findings are also reported on page 30 when men were asked how helpful online resources were.

On page 36, when contacting local domestic violence programs, 90.2% of men (only 44% of victims tried contact) said that they were either not at all helpful or somewhat helpful; 95.3% felt biased against, 78.3% reported they weren't helped due to being male and 63.9% were accused of being the batterers.

On page 18, only 21.1 reported ever retaliating against their abuser while majority avoided physical harm by either seeking help, getting away from the abuse or yell at abuser.

Lastly, on page 23, it is reported that a substantial percentage of abused men suffer from psychological traumas and PTSD.

Present this to a feminist when next time one of them tell you that male domestic victimization isn't as seriously detrimental as female ones.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Yet Another Discriminatory Gender Wage Gap Debunked: Female Soccer Players Are Overpaid.

The Daily Caller just annihilated the feminist wage gap discrimination argument concerning the women's soccer players in this article. The following quotes will demonstrate to you why feminists are so terribly afraid of logic:

'Critics point to the fact that the winning team of 2014 World Cup, Germany, received $35 million, while the American women’s team which was victorious in Sunday’s final were given 17.5 times less, $2 million....
So, is FIFA a sexist organization, because that would be a strange accusation considering women are overpaid.The Wall Street Journal reported in June that Fox Sports was poised to receive, “upwards of $17 million in sponsorship revenue for [The 2015 Women’s World Cup].' 
The sponsor revenue for the 2014 Men’s World Cup, $529 million. That is 31 times greater than the women’s event.But, the total prize money was 38 times greater for men. Let’s look at total revenue then... 
In 2011 the Women’s World Cup hosted in Germany had earnings of $72,818,500. The South Africa World Cup in 2010, had sales of $3.7 billion. That is 50 times greater. 
The 2014 World Cup was even a greater success, $4.8 billion.When comparing the pay of the players relative to the event’s revenue, one sees the discrepancy, that women players gain a higher percentage of the event’s earnings than men. 
In 2011, the payout for women’s event was $10 million. This would mean the players earn 13 percent of total revenues.
In 2010 the total men’s prize money was $348 million, that is nine percent of that tournament’s earnings. It was even worse for men in 2014 when they received seven percent of the revenue."'

Thursday, July 9, 2015

More Men Than Women Watch Women's Soccer, While Women Prefer Male Sports.

In our so-called all powerful male supremacist society, men consist of over the half of viewers when it comes to women's soccer, specially considering the FIFA Women's World Cup. These stats come directly from FIFA's Women World Cup Germany 2011 report:

In continents and regions considered highly oppressive towards women by western feminist academics, like Africa and the Middle East women's soccer had most viewers despite them having less economic resources compared to first world nations:

And the report also revealed that most viewers came from middle and upper classes... you know... the patriarchs with power and wealth oppressing women...

When complaining why female sports don't receive equal attention compared to male sports. feminist should ask women, not men, why of the disparity since women are shown to prefer male oriented sports. Here's Forbes reporting on women's preferences when it comes to gender related sports, they also reveal that men tend to be most of the viewers when it comes to other female sports categories:

'What sports do women watch on T.V.?  Yes, Abby Wambach in the women’s World Cup and Serena Williams in the women’s final at the U.S. Open were popular picks this year. But soccer and tennis still pale next to football, basketball, baseball and yes, Nascar. (men’s versions all, save for the occasional female race car driver). 
Females account for more than a third of 14 million-plus people that tune into major events like the NBA Finals, World Series, Daytona 500, and Stanley Cup Finals, according to data from Nielsen.  And as for the granddaddy sporting event of the year, the Super Bowl, the 2011 figure jumps to 45.9% of the game’s 111 million viewers, or some 50 million women cheering on the Steelers or Packers. 
The NFL shop online puts out an entire line of female-targeted merchandise for every team.  Maybe it’s time to lay the term “football widow” to rest. 
“I don’t think people realize how big a percentage is women,” says Stephen Master, a Nielsen Vice President. And it’s not all that new of a trend – Master notes that women have been a big part of the viewing audience for the better part of the last decade, at least for the major events. 
Meantime, 5.2 million women tuned into the Women’s World Cup final between Japan and the U.S.  (compared to 8.3 million men), making it the fifth-most viewed sporting event among females. The U.S. quarterfinal match against Brazil also squeezes onto the top ten list, just head of both the men’s and women’s Wimbledon finals, with 1.2 million female viewers (again, there were many more male viewers).  
The quarterfinal  actually outdrew the U.S. soccer team’s semifinal match against France one round later, which shows the attraction of a powerful opponent.  Women’s soccer, though, proved no different than men’s baseball, hockey or hoops – all rely on a solid female audience of 30% or so to complement a viewership that’s predominantly male. Even the recent U.S. Open Women’s final , won by Samantha Stosur overSerena Williams, had slightly more male viewers (2.7 million) than female (2.4 million).

The Feminist Movement Is Responsible for Paternity Fraud.

The National Organization for Women, the most influential feminist organization in the U.S. which has historically opposed father's and children's rights, has been revealed to be the organization at the forefront of allowing women and the courts, to scam men out of their money. Harvard University's "The Crimson" reveals staggering numbers in cases of probable paternity fraud in California where the National Organization for Women pressured Governor Gray Davis to veto the " Paternity Justice Act" which would have helped curb the thousands of paternity fraud cases and protected innocent men from being victims of psychopathic women. You can also find the record of the hearing here which is also included in the second screenshot below. 

The evidence posted in this page of how feminists have historically been allowed to shape policy and society according to their reckless and unwarranted hatred of men, to go as far as ruining men; fathers, sons, daughters and the women who love them, shows how unopposed they have been since its inception. To this day, no reckoning force has been mobilized to stand against the N.O.W's misandric agenda.

The U.S Citizens Against Paternity Fraud estimate that 30% of "fathers" are the victims of paternity frauds and made to pay child support for children that are not theirs. They say that child-support agencies coerce men into signing paternity declarations, mothers fraudulently names a father so they can collect welfare assistance or the courts won't overturn a case despite concrete DNA proof of non paternity:

The next time feminists tells us that this is example of how "Patriarchy hurts men too", you let them know who actually controls the future of men in society with its "soft" pink iron fist.