Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Male Domestic Violence Victims Are Discriminated Against by Hotlines and Online Resources

95% of the male domestic violence victims who were seeking help in the following study were either told that the hotline only helped women or were referred to a batterer's program. That information is from pg 33 of the following Clark University document

And similar findings are also reported on page 30 when men were asked how helpful online resources were.

On page 36, when contacting local domestic violence programs, 90.2% of men (only 44% of victims tried contact) said that they were either not at all helpful or somewhat helpful; 95.3% felt biased against, 78.3% reported they weren't helped due to being male and 63.9% were accused of being the batterers.

On page 18, only 21.1 reported ever retaliating against their abuser while majority avoided physical harm by either seeking help, getting away from the abuse or yell at abuser.

Lastly, on page 23, it is reported that a substantial percentage of abused men suffer from psychological traumas and PTSD.

Present this to a feminist when next time one of them tell you that male domestic victimization isn't as seriously detrimental as female ones.

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