Sunday, July 12, 2015

Yet Another Discriminatory Gender Wage Gap Debunked: Female Soccer Players Are Overpaid.

The Daily Caller just annihilated the feminist wage gap discrimination argument concerning the women's soccer players in this article. The following quotes will demonstrate to you why feminists are so terribly afraid of logic:

'Critics point to the fact that the winning team of 2014 World Cup, Germany, received $35 million, while the American women’s team which was victorious in Sunday’s final were given 17.5 times less, $2 million....
So, is FIFA a sexist organization, because that would be a strange accusation considering women are overpaid.The Wall Street Journal reported in June that Fox Sports was poised to receive, “upwards of $17 million in sponsorship revenue for [The 2015 Women’s World Cup].' 
The sponsor revenue for the 2014 Men’s World Cup, $529 million. That is 31 times greater than the women’s event.But, the total prize money was 38 times greater for men. Let’s look at total revenue then... 
In 2011 the Women’s World Cup hosted in Germany had earnings of $72,818,500. The South Africa World Cup in 2010, had sales of $3.7 billion. That is 50 times greater. 
The 2014 World Cup was even a greater success, $4.8 billion.When comparing the pay of the players relative to the event’s revenue, one sees the discrepancy, that women players gain a higher percentage of the event’s earnings than men. 
In 2011, the payout for women’s event was $10 million. This would mean the players earn 13 percent of total revenues.
In 2010 the total men’s prize money was $348 million, that is nine percent of that tournament’s earnings. It was even worse for men in 2014 when they received seven percent of the revenue."'

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