Sunday, November 29, 2015

Fathers DID NOT Automatically Have More Parental Rights Than Mothers Historically

One of the most common myths we encounter when talking to people about the history of gender relations is the myth that fathers automatically had more parental rights than mothers or that fathers automatically got custody of the children when a couple broke up.

This is one of the most powerful myths in the feminist movement's arsenal. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services document entitled "The Rights of Unmarried Fathers" exposes this myth and unequivocally states:

"Historically, unmarried fathers have had fewer rights with regard to their children than either unwed mothers or married parents. Over the past several decades, unmarried fathers have challenged the termination of their parental rights under the Fourteenth Amendment"

And if people think this is just ancient history, think again. The following story from a father in Utah shows why we still need a men's rights movement today.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Feminists at University Campus Caught on Tape Lying About Gamergater Threatening Them

Feminists at Northeastern Illinois University have been caught lying about a male Gamergate supporter making threatening comments to them after he filmed the entire incident. This is more concrete evidence of how delusional the minds of the feminists controlling our Universities are at this time. Sooner or later one of these University Deans needs to address this rampant misandry going on . Thanks to for exposing so much of this nonsense lately. Quote:

"A GamerGate supporter who snuck into an anti-GamerGate panel at Northeastern Illinois University and streamed it online was reported to campus security and falsely accused of making “threatening comments.” He caught the whole thing on film."

Online Hiring is Biased in Favor of Women

Below are combined screenshots from pgs 16, 20, 26 in the paper titled Hiring Preferences in Online Labor Markets: Evidence of a Female Hiring Bias 

In the paper they examine the female hiring bias in online hiring. A quick glance of the notes demonstrates that female applicants have a significant advantage especially if they attach a photo to their application. Online hiring is the future so as it becomes the norm in hiring practices you can expect the employment rate for women to increase right along with it.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Approximately 40% of Divorced Mothers Admitted to Interfering with Father's Visitation to get Revenge

In CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY REVIEW, VOL. 14. NO. 8 it was revealed that 50% of divorced fathers stated that their ex-wife interfered with him visiting his children and approximately 40% of ex-wives actually admitted to doing it themselves.

An interest in getting revenge on the father was their motivation in interfering with the father's visitation. This to my knowledge is the only paper that has reported on what percentage of mothers try to deny fathers visitation at any time during the child's life. Why isn't this important issue being explored more often? I think we all know the answer.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Feminist Frequency Twitter Page Followers is Made Up of 55% Fake Profiles

Anita Sarkeesian, the leading feminist critic of gaming, online and comic culture, has a majority of followers in her Twitter page made up of majorly fake profiles. Milo Yiannopoulous of Breitbart gives us the scoop:

'The battle against GamerGate appears to have taken a toll on Sarkeesian’s Twitter following, according to statistics on, a website whose tagline is, “Exposing Twitter fraud since 2012.”

TwitterAudit shows that in May of 2015, Anita had just over 286,000 followers, with a very good ratio of 87 per cent real followers. The current report shows Anita having 430,000 followers, a significant jump, but the quality ratio of 45 per cent is, as she would say,problematic.    
She has lost more than 65,000 followers judged real, and picked up more than 200,000 accounts deemed fake. The primary result of this change is that Sarkeesian’s tweets do not have nearly the reach that her follower count would lead an observer to believe. In contrast to Anita, I, who am approaching 100,000 followers, maintain a healthy 85 per cent ratio.'

Leigh Alexander the SJW/Feminist (who declared that "gamers are over") also has a Twitter page with a substantial amount of fake followers by 51%.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Feminist pioneer, and Professor Emerita of Psychology and Women's studies, at the College of Staten Island, Phyllis Chesler, defended female serial killer Aileen Wuornos by portraying Aileen as a woman who only killed in self defense.

According to Chesler, Aileen Wournos was the real victim as you can see from the screenshot below and read about in more detail at the first link below. The screenshot is a spliced photo I made so you can see Chesler brag about being a feminist leader as well as her defense of Wournos in one photo. You can find her bio by clicking the second link.
And finally here's video of Aileen Wournos HERSELF, admitting that she killed her male victims without provocation, in cold blood, and that she knew she was going to murder them before she even met them.

Do you think Chesler or feminists will issue any kind of retraction or apology for this?

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Girls Trying to Force Their Way Into Boy Scouts

Male-only organizations are being demonized across the country while women and girls are being forced into these groups in the name of social justice. The Boy and Girl Scouts are a prime example of what we are witnessing culturally today in this regard.

Boys are not allowed to joint the girl scouts unless they are "transgender" but meanwhile, fathers have been banned from some Girl Scout activities because according to the scout troop, having men in certain positions isn't safe. Quote:
"Six California girls want to be Cub Scouts instead of Girl Scouts.
A group of girls called the Unicorns are fighting back after being told by the Boy Scouts of America that they are not allowed to join their local boy scout council in Santa Rosa, Calif., because it is “inappropriate,” according to Danelle Jacobs, mother of one of the girls and leader of the Unicorns"
But as mentioned, here's the Girl Scouts booting fathers out of their activities and declaring that only transgender boys can join the Girl Scouts.
Also of note is the fact that in 1988 women sued the Boy Scouts to force them to allow women in leadership positions in the organization.

Feminists Reluctantly Admit that Women Receive Lighter Sentences for Committing the Same Crimes as Men

A feminist study published in Feminist Criminology titled "Sex-Based Sentencing Sentencing Discrepancies Between Male and Female Sex Offenders" reluctantly admitted that feminist patriarchy theory was wrong when it came to explaining why women receive lighter sentences for committing the same crimes as men.
They started out with the theory that they would discover that women receive heavier sentences for committing the same crimes and actually found the opposite was true. I spliced together the most revealing information the researchers admitted in the literature for the screenshot. The full study can be obtained here.

As Universities Become Increasingly Hostile to Masculinity Women Now Outnumber Men in All Degree Level Graduates

See the full data here

The media ruined the reputation of another innocent man in a false rape case

When men are falsely accused of rape and their names are ruined, the media and those responsible for ruining the man's reputation seldom ever issue an apology or a retraction of their claims. The Joe Lonsdale case is just the latest proof of that reality. Quote:

Horrifying.” “Sickening.” “Horrific.” That’s how tech and mainstream news outlets irresponsibly and negligently reported on false rape accusations against Silicon Valley venture capitalist Joe Lonsdale, who was convicted in the media long before he cleared his name in court.
The story began when Lonsdale was accused of rape by his former intern, Elise Clougherty"