Sunday, November 15, 2015

Girls Trying to Force Their Way Into Boy Scouts

Male-only organizations are being demonized across the country while women and girls are being forced into these groups in the name of social justice. The Boy and Girl Scouts are a prime example of what we are witnessing culturally today in this regard.

Boys are not allowed to joint the girl scouts unless they are "transgender" but meanwhile, fathers have been banned from some Girl Scout activities because according to the scout troop, having men in certain positions isn't safe. Quote:
"Six California girls want to be Cub Scouts instead of Girl Scouts.
A group of girls called the Unicorns are fighting back after being told by the Boy Scouts of America that they are not allowed to join their local boy scout council in Santa Rosa, Calif., because it is “inappropriate,” according to Danelle Jacobs, mother of one of the girls and leader of the Unicorns"
But as mentioned, here's the Girl Scouts booting fathers out of their activities and declaring that only transgender boys can join the Girl Scouts.
Also of note is the fact that in 1988 women sued the Boy Scouts to force them to allow women in leadership positions in the organization.

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