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Judge Officially Declares it is Legal for a Wife to Beat her Husband 1946

A judge in 1946 officially declares that it is legal for a woman to beat her husband if he insulted her. The newspaper reported it like it was reporting on the price of hotdogs or something. There has never been a court case where it was officially deemed legal for a man to abuse his wife to my knowledge.

Rate of Sexual Violence Against Women Fell 64% in Past 10 Years and Has Remained Steady for Past 5 Years

The image above is a poster and ad campaign by various big Corporations to demonize men as possible rapists unless they are constantly told not to rape. This is the type of hysteria that we have seen on the increase lately and yet men are all being portrayed as animals at a time when CBS news quietly reports that the rate of sexual violence against women fell 64% the past 10 years and has remained steady for the past 5 years! Here is a section of the article and you can find that report in full below as well:

"The Justice Department says the rate of sexual violence against women and girls age 12 or older fell 64 percent in a decade and has remained stable for five years."

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Wife Brags About Beating Husband for the Fifth Time, Gets Two Months in Prison 1900

In 1900, Louise Rutter brags about beating her husband for the fifth time to judge and promises to do it again if necessary. She is only given two months in prison and the judge is very reluctant to do that.

Judge declares "Husband Beating Must Stop" 1912

Judge declares "Husband Beating Must Stop", to a woman who was routinely battering her husband in 1912. She was fined $1 and told to sober up as her "punishment". This was back in the day where we are told the courts were totally preoccupied with persecuting women to benefit men.

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Women Whipping Their Husbands in the Public Streets of Oakland With Horsewhips 1906

Women were whipping men on the streets of Oakland in 1906. The San Francisco newspaper reports on how the following story was the second incident of a woman whipping a man in the street. The woman in this story is proudly boasting about howshe will whip her husband in public every time he does something she disagrees with and there is no record of her being arrested nor of anyone seeing any fault in her whipping the man. This is real history.

 Seriously oppressed segments of society don't whip their oppressors in broad daylight without any fear of retribution like this. Here's some wording from the article:

"A feature not down on the program occurred at the Orpheum Theater in this city last night. The performance had hardly started when a woman entered the theater and made her way down the center aisle, carrying a riding whip. Suddenly she produced the dainty lash, and without a word of warning brought it down vigorously on the shoulders and across the face of John W. Marsh.

He fled with all the alacrity at his command, and the irate woman turned her attention to the young damsel who occupied the adjoining seat. The whip descended upon the latter and the angered madam followed the man up the aisle. At the door both were requested to step outside which they did. The woman with the whip was Mrs. Alice Murray, upon whom he has lavished his affections."

A special thanks to

Marissa Alexander is NOT a Victim

Marissa Alexander the fake victim and mutual domestic abuser is back in the news again being portrayed as innocent and now after Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have swooped in to declare her a victim of racism she will get a retrial and maybe end up walking free. 

They keep saying she only fired a "warning shot" when actually as the court documents show she actually fired in the direction of her husband and two children and barely missed his head. And this was after she passed up the garage and two doors that were unobstructed which is inconsistent behavior with someone claiming to be a scared victim. 

This is why the jury took so little time to find her guilty the first time. She claimed the garage door wasn't working but the investigation found not a shred of evidence that there was anything wrong with the garage door as the court documents show. Read the CBS article where they are portraying her as a victim first

 and then read the court documents I downloaded here:

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Lesbian Militants Were Common in Second Wave Feminism 1973

In this article from 1973 the news reports on how angry lesbians were pouring into the feminist movement and in there one popular figure in the feminist movement flat out states that there can be no revolution for women until ALL women are lesbian.

Professor Ruth Wisse on Women's Lib/Second Wave Feminism and it's Connection to Marxism

Women's Liberation aka Second Wave Feminism was largely a front for Marxist Nanny State totalitarianism under the guise of favors for women from the get-go. This quote from a female University Professor shows that thanfully not all women were hoodwinked by it:

"Women’s Liberation, if not the most extreme, then certainly the most influential neo-Marxist movement in America, has done to the American home what communism did to the Russian economy, and most of the ruin is irreversible. By defining between men and women in terms of power and competition instead of reciprocity and co-operation, the movement tore apart the most basic and fragile contract in human society, the unit from which all other social institutions draw their strength."

Professor Ruth Wisse

Monday, September 23, 2013

Feminists Protested by Female Stripper on Women's Liberation Day 1970

The feminists gather on "Women's Liberation Day" in 1970 to demand free abortion and protest male oppression and objectification of women but the highlight of the news article is that they were protested by a female stripper who said she enjoyed being objectified by men.

Father Still Forced to Pay Child Support for 3 Year Old Son Who Died 25 Years Ago

Lional Campbell was forced to pay child support for a 3 year old son who died 25 years ago by the corrupt Detroit family court system. Watch the video and you can see the court keep changing its story including the amount he was supposed to owe.

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Karen Straughan Reading "The Family Terrorist" by Erin Pizzey (one of the best descriptions of female abusers I've ever heard)

Karen Straughan also known as "Girl Writes What" in the video is reading "The Family Terrorist" by Erin Pizzey. Erin is a woman who opened up the first domestic violence refuge/shelter for women in the UK and who has been a lifelong champion for fair treatment of men and women. In "The Family Terrorist" she is describing the rarely discussed personality of an abusive female family member and how much damage they can get away with because it is so hard to think of a woman as an abuser today. "The Family Terrorist" was an essay written in the 1980s by Erin when she lived in the United States.

 If you found that video informative be sure to visit and subscribe to Karen's youtube channel

Also be sure to check out Erin Pizzey's show titled "Revelations With Erin Pizzey" at A Voice for Men:

The Tyra Banks Show On Men Abused by Their Girlfriends

Tyra Banks deserves some credit for putting together a very honest and down to earth show on abusive women and the men they hit. Tyra went out of her way to dispell some widely held myths about female abusers and show how women can be just as abusive as men. This is probably the best talkshow on the  subject I've seen. My biggest criticism of the show is that if it were a guy slapping his girlfriend around backstage they would have called the police or security would have at least jumped in but since it was a guy getting slapped around they just used it as a talking point on the show. A good talking point but a talking point nonetheless.

Cultural Expectations and Behavior on Father's Day vs Mother's Day Revealed by CBS News

A CBS News article from Father's Day giving us a peek at how selfless fathers are inside the average household. If this so called "male privilege" isn't exhibited on Father's Day in the numbers then where does it exist? When does it exist and how do you measure it? Take a look at the article:

"Do moms receive more attention on Mother’s Day than dads do on Father’s Day?

According to an online survey by, 81 percent of adults feel that Mother’s Day and Father’s Day should be celebrated equally, however over three-quarters (77%) of both men and women who responded to the survey feel that, in general, mothers tend to receive more attention or celebration on Mother’s Day than dads do on Father’s Day.

The survey found that quality time with the family (dinner, grilling, outing) is the gift dads are most hoping to receive this Father’s Day. In a list of common gifts children have given their fathers in years past, ties and “#1 Dad” T-shirts are the least-hoped-for presents by dads.

When shown a list of possible gift categories, only 35% of fathers who responded to the survey said they wanted some sort of gift that cost money for Father’s Day. Conversely, 52% of moms who responded to a similar survey in May said that they wanted gifts that cost money vs. homemade items or time with family...

Over half (51%) of adult respondents reported that they typically spend between $1 and $100 on Father’s Day gifts. Conversely, 67% of adults who responded to a similar survey in May said that they tend to spend between $1 and $100 on Mother’s Day gifts.

Six in ten respondent dads (60%) do not expect their wife or significant other to get them a gift for Father’s Day."

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Not All Women Are Like That

Not all women believe men are animals or rapists or criminals by mere virtue of them being men. Not all women are accomplices to radical feminism, cultural misandry and gynocentric bigotry. Some women are outraged at witnessing the systematic disenfranchisement of fathers, some are fed up with boys being treated with contempt in the public school system, they are fed up with female teachers who molest boys being given slaps on the wrist for exploiting children who could easily be their own child or nephew. They are fed up with being treated like victims by default while Governments and Institutions trample over men's rights on their "behalf". Furthermore not all men support men's rights advocacy in fact there are almost as many men who hate men as there are women who hate men and these men side with women almost always on gender issues. So for anyone who believes it is just an issue of men vs women I'm sorry to tell you but it's much more complex than that. I cannot list all of the women who are our sisters in this fight but I would like to thank all of them for sharing their stories, telling the female femnazis the real truth and lending their voices to this struggle. Your presence means alot:

Jessica Kenney
Jackie Christensen
Liz Guerrero
Crystal Denise Dickerson
Ali Rose Rush
Dawn Cardiff
Kristy Fleming
Elizabeth Faith
Heather Skipp

And quite a few others I'm sure I left out.

Suffragette/First Wave Feminist Mary Dubal Arrested for Beating Her Husband 1912

First wave feminist suffragist Mary Dubal was arrested for beating her husband in 1912. We never hear about abuses like these being committed by the feminists when they claim only men were abusive back then do we? The article reads:

"Mrs. Mary Dubal of this city is said to be the first suffragist in the United States who has been given a penitentiary sentence for husband beating. She was arrested on a warrant obtained by Mr. Dubal.

City Judge Albert Hotchkiss found her guilty and declared if women desired men’s prerogatives they should also have men’s punishments when found guilty of law. He always dealt severely with wife beaters, he said, and accordingly he sentenced her to three months in the penitentiary."

Friday, September 20, 2013

Women Filed For and Were Granted 70% of the Divorces in 1919 and 66% in 1896

The following article refutes the myth that men were the ones getting most of the divorces and that women were not allowed to divorce their husbands back then:

Rape as Humor

The FBI in 2012 FINALLY Includes Men and Boys as Victims of Rape

The FBI finally decides that boys and men can be victims of rape in 2012. This is just one example of how deeply misandry pervades our society to the point where males are not even included as victims of crimes that could happen to anyone.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Mainstream News Debunks the Gender Pay Gap But Does so Quietly

CBS News debunked the idea of a sexist wage gap but did so very quietly. Thankfully I caught it when they did.

The News Debunks the So Called Discriminatory Gender Pay Gap Myth

The persistent myth that women are paid less for the same work or for equal amounts of work as men is debunked in the following article by the Chicago Tribune. Anytime you try to bring up the fact that men suffer injustices people will bring up the so called wage gap myth and say that men deserve to suffer because they cheat women out of equal pay:

"On Rachel Maddow's blog, the complaint was that women are "still only making 77 centsfor every dollar men earn in similar jobs" but Republicans "seem indifferent to the problem...

A difference, in any event, does not prove discrimination. Most Broadway theatergoers are female, but not because playwrights have an animus toward males. The gap reflects many benign factors stemming from the choices voluntarily made by women and men. Same with the pay gap. Women, on average, work fewer hours and are more likely than men to take time off for family duties. A 2009 report commissioned by the U.S. Labor Department concluded that such "factors account for a major portion and, possibly, almost all of the raw gender wage gap."

How Short Men Are Used in Commercials to Illustrate People Who Pick Loser Brands

News Video on How Abuse of Men By Women In Public is Accepted by Society

ABC 20/20 Report on How Short Men Are Discriminated Against By Women

ABC 20/20 Report on How Short Men Are Discriminated Against By Women

Men are accused of being the sole superficial gender and we are accused of only being interested in a woman's physical appearance but this ABC News 20/20 special on how most woman despise short men exposes women as being just as superficial as men.

Feminist Superhero Margaret Sanger Pushed Government to Sterilize Anyone Labeled "Unfit" in 1950

Long after Adolf Hitler forcibly sterilized the Jews in Nazi Germany and long after the Eugenics movement in the United States had went underground, feminist hero Margaret Sanger was still pushing the Government to forcibly sterilize people deemed "unfit" to reproduce which could only be possible under Totalitarianism. This is their so called champion for human rights.

Here is Margaret Sanger listed as a hero on the My Hero page which helps create lesson plans for teachers!:

Here is feminist Hillary Clinton our Secretary of State receiving the Margaret Sanger award and saying she admires Sanger tremendously:

Both Women and Men Like Women More Than Either Gender Likes Men

Men never sided with other men on average more than with women it is contrary to our biological hardwiring. This myth of the average man banding together against women and giving each other unmerited favor at the expense of women was perpetuated by the feminist movement and called patriarchy theory. Women actually show 5 times more preference for their own gender than men do for their own gender so it is women who are biased towards each other according to the study.
Anyhow here's a quote from the study and beneath it you can find the full report on the APA website:

"Women are nearly five times more likely to show an automatic preference for their own gender than men are to show such favoritism for their own gender, according to a study in the October issue of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology (Vol. 87, No. 4).
Through four experiments, psychologists Laurie A. Rudman, PhD, of Rutgers, and Stephanie A. Goodwin, PhD, of Purdue University, used the Implicit Association Test to discover 204 heterosexual college students' automatic gender preferences and gender identity by asking them to associate positive and negative gender-free words with either "men" or "women." They also tested participants' self-esteem by asking them to associate those words with "I" or "others."
Both male and female participants associated the positive words--such as good, happy and sunshine--more often with women than with men, Rudman says."

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Male Disposability as Biological Protector

"Every society... has survived based on its ability to train its sons to be disposable and the reason they were disposable was to protect women and protect children and so when a woman says I'm hurting it's part of our biology to make sure we solve your problem and we compete against each other to be able to solve your problem in order to get female love and female sexuality"

-Warren Farrell

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Thanks and Dedications

I would like to dedicate this blog post to all the courageous people who helped me see through the fog on many of the issues presented on this website and who help me learn everyday. I will include the list of names and at the bottom the list of books some of the authors wrote that made a lasting impression on me:

Warren Farrell the author of "The Myth of Male Power"
Erin Pizzey author of "This Way to the
Paul Elam
Girl Writes What
Jack Kammer author of "If Men Have All the Power How Come Women Make All the Rules"
Helen Smith author of "Men on Strike: Why Men Are Boycotting Marriage, Fatherhood, and the American Dream - and Why It Matters"

The creators of
All the great folks at A Voice For Men
The creators of I Don't Need Feminism

The creators of Exposing Feminism

The creators of The Men's Rights Initiative

Virgina Tech Admits Women Control 60% of Wealth in the United States And More

"Did You Know? According to the U.S. Department of Education, in the 2005-06 school year, women made up:
57.5 percent of all students earning bachelor's degrees. Nearly 60 percent of students earning master’s degrees.
48.9 percent of students earning Ph.D.s. 
Women control nearly 60 percent of the wealth in the United States.
There are more than half a million women with personal incomes of $100,000 or more. More than 10 million firms in the United States are majority or equally owned by women.

According to the National Association of Women Business Owners and the Small Business Administration, women employ approximately 27 million Americans. The number of wealthy women in the U.S. is growing twice as fast as the number of wealthy men. Women represent more than 40 percent of all Americans with gross investable assets above $600,000. 45 percent of American millionaires are women.

48 percent of estates worth more than $5 million are controlled by women, compared with 35 percent controlled by men. 60 percent of high net worth women have earned their own fortunes. Some estimate that by 2030, women will control as much as two-thirds of the nation’s wealth."

The Color Purple and the Creation of a Male Bashing Culture

The following is the character description of all the main characters in "The Color Purple", Alice Walker's wildly male bashing book and film which went on to influence black culture up until the present day. There is only 1 positive male character in the entire film! The play based on the book regularly tours the country still promoting the usual male stereotypes. Smells like brainwashing to me:

"Character list - The color purple

Celie : She is the protagonist and narrator of The Color Purple. Celie is a poor, uneducated black woman with a sad personal history. She survives a stepfather who rapes her and steals her babies and also survives an abusive husband. As an adult, Celie becomes friends with and finds intimacy with a blues singer, Shug Avery, who gradually helps Celie find her voice. By the end of the book, Celie is very happy and self-confident woman.

Nettie: Celie's younger sister, whom Celie's Husband initially wanted to marry. Alphonso was really Nettie and Celie's stepfather but they didn't know that until someone was telling her a story in which helped her realize that he really wasn't her biological father. Samuel and Corrine come across Nettie and they adopt her. With them, she moves to Africa to preach.

Celie's Husband: Celie's husband, who abuses her for years. Celie's Husband , whose first name is Albert, pines away for Shug during his marriage to Celie and hides Nettie's letters to Celie in his trunk for decades. After Celie finally defies Celie's Husband , denouncing him for his abuse, he undergoes a deep personal transformation, reassessing his life and eventually becoming friends with Celie.

Shug Avery: A sultry blues singer who first appears as Celie's Husband's mistress. Shug becomes Celie's friend and eventually her lover, all the while remaining a gentle mentor who helps Celie evolve into an independent and assertive woman. Shug does not at first appear to be the mothering kind, yet she nurtures Celie physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Shug gives Celie the idea of sewing pants for a living.

Sofia: An independent woman who betrays Celie in order to marry Harpo. Sofia refuses to submit to whites, men, or anyone else who tries to dominate her. After defying the town's mayor, Sophia is sentenced to twelve years in jail, but the sentence is later commuted to twelve years labor as the mayor's maid. The hardship Sofia endures serves as a reminder of the costs of resistance and the difficulties of combating cultural and institutional racism.

Harpo: Celie's Husband's eldest son. He confesses to Celie about his love for Sofia, cries in her arms, enjoys cooking and housework, kisses his children, and marries an independent woman, Sofia. However, Celie's Husband's expectations of stereotypical male dominance convince Harpo that he needs to beat Sofia. His efforts at abusing Sofia fail, since she is much stronger than he is. At the end of the novel, Harpo reforms his ways, and he and Sofia reconcile and save their marriage.

Alphonso: Celie and Nettie's stepfather, who the sisters think is their real father until Nettie learns the truth years later. When Celie is young, Alphonso rapes and abuses her until she moves out of the house. Unlike Celie's Husband and Harpo, who have changed, Alphonso continues with his abusive nature until he dies. Celie inherits her house and property after Alphonso dies.

Miss Millie: Is the wife of the mayor of the town where Celie lives. Miss Millie is a very racist person but she likes how clean and nice looking Sofia's children are, so she asks Sofia to be her maid. Sofia replies, “Hell no,” and is sent first to jail, then to Miss Millie's, where she ends up working as her maid after all.

Eleanor Jane: Is the mayor's daughter. Eleanor Jane develops a strong attachment to Sofia and turns to her for emotional support. Toward the end of the book, Eleanor Jane at last begins to understand the inequality Sofia and other blacks suffered. She tries to atone for her part in the unjust treatment of Sofia by taking care of Sofia's daughter Henrietta.

Adam: Celie and Alphonso's biological son, who, like Olivia, is adopted by Samuel and Corrine. Adam falls in love with Tashi, a young Olinka girl.

Tashi: An Olinka village girl who befriends Olivia and marries Adam. She chooses to undergo two painful African traditions-facial scarring and genital mutilation-as a way to physically differentiate her culture from imperialist culture.

Grady: Shug's husband. Grady is a loving and sweet man, but also a womanizer. He smokes marijuana quite often. When Grady and Squeak begin an affair, Shug seems relieved to be rid of any responsibility to her relationship with Grady.

Olivia: Celie and Alphonso's biological daughter, who is adopted by Samuel and Corrine. Olivia builds a close sister like relationship with Tashi. This friendship serves as an example of the strength of relationships between women."

The Elimination of Sex and Gender in Postgenderist Feminism

"The heart of women's oppression is her childbearing and child-rearing roles...To assure the elimination of sexual classes requires the revolt of the underclass (women) and seizure of control of the end goal of the feminist revolution must be unlike that of the first feminist movement, not just the elimination of male privilege but of the sex distinction itself; genital differences between human beings would no longer matter." -Shulamith Firestone, "The Dialectic of Sex The Case for Feminist Revolution" 1970

"Shulamith Firestone (born January 7, 1945), (also called Shulie, or Shuloma) is a Jewish, Canadian-born feminist. She was a central figure in the early development of radical feminism, having been a founding member of the New York Radical Women, Redstockings, and New York Radical Feminists. In 1970, she authored The Dialectic of Sex: The Case for Feminist Revolution, an important and widely influential feminist text."

Shulamith Firestone was basically a pioneer in postgenderist philosophy and popular feminists like her

Joanna Russ was another second wave feminist icon who promoted postgenderist ideas in her novel titled "The Female Man", the novel written in 1970 depicts a future where all men have been wiped out by a gender specific plague and where women are all lesbians, have genetically engineered each other to be super intelligent and have invented artificial wombs to enable them to reproduce without men. It also depicts another world where males turn all the boys into transvestites using cosmetic surgery in order to fulfill sexual desires. In this world there is also a perpetual war between the men and women.

The Female Man includes several fictional worlds.
Joanna's World: Joanna exists in a world that similar to Earth in the 1970s.
Jeannine's World: Jeannine lives in a world where the Great Depression never ended. The Second World War never happened because Adolf Hitler was assassinated in 1936, and Chiang Kai-Shek controls Hong Kong, as Japanese imperialism still dominates the Chinese mainland.

Whileaway (Janet's World): Whileaway is a utopian society in the far future where all the men died from a gender-specific plague over 800 years ago. After mastering parthenogenesis, women form lesbian relationships and parent children within them. Although the world is technologically advanced, their societies are mostly agrarian. Their technology enables them to genetically merge ova in order to procreate. Joanna Russ's Nebula Award winning short story When It Changed (1972) also takes place on Whileaway, but earlier.[1]

Jael's World: Jael's world is a dystopia where men and women are literally engaged in a "battle of the sexes". Although they have been in conflict for over 40 years, the two societies still participate in trade with each other. Women trade children in exchange for resources. In order for men to cope with their sexual desires, young boys undergo cosmetic surgery that physically changes their appearance so that they look like women. Jael is heterosexual and has sex with Davey, a lobotomised adolescent male, at her home."

High profile figures like Marilyn Manson have also promoted postgenderism;

"Another high profile of covert postgender propaganda is seen in Marilyn Manson's 1996 album "Mechanical Animals." The seventh track is entitled "Posthuman", and the cover shows Manson as the sexually ambiguous character Omega. Omega of course refers to the end, in this case the end of humanity as we know it, but the beginning of posthumanity."

Simone de Beauvoir Feminist Pioneer Hated Motherhood

Simone de Beauvoir, the celebrated feminist pioneer, abortionist and philosopher in her book "The Second Sex"(1949) wrote at length about how she viewed femininity, maternal instincts, motherhood and female physiology as embarrassing weaknesses. Here are excerpts from the book illustrating her outlook on the feminine. Keep in mind that this book was one of the central works responsible for igniting mainstream second wave feminism:

"Maternity dooms woman to a sedentary existence, and so it is natural that
she remain at the hearth while man hums, goes fishing, and makes war...The young man's erotic impulses only go to confirm his pride in his body: therein he sees the sign of his transcendence and his power. The young girl may succeed in accepting the fact of her desires, but usually they retain a cast of shame. Her whole body is a source ofembarrassment. The mistrust that as a small child she felt in regard to her 'insides' helps to give to the menstrual crisis the dubious character that renders it odious to her. It is because of the psychic state induced by her menstrual slavery
that it constitutes a heavy handicap.

The body of a woman - particularly that of a young girl - is a 'hysterical' body, in the sense that there is, so to speak, no distance between the psychic life and its physiological realization. The disorders of puberty are made worse by the upsetting effect their discovery has upon the young girl. Because her body seems suspect to her, and because she views it with alarm, it seems to her to be sick: it is sick...It is in great part the anxiety of being a woman that devastates the feminine body...The mammary glands, developing at puberty, play no role in woman's individual
economy: they can be excised at any time of life."

She loathes the mother's role in teaching girls how to be housewives:

"The mother, as
we shall see, is secretly hostile to her daughter's liberation, and she takes
to bullying her more or less deliberately; but the boy's effort to become a
man is respected, and he is granted much liberty. The girl is required to
stay at home, her comings and goings are watched"

She is very explicit for her hatred of women who enjoy being mothers and find pleasure in their maternity;

"Ensnared by nature, the pregnant woman is plant
and animal, a storehouse of colloids, an incubator, an egg; she scares
children who are proud of their young, straight bodies and makes young
people titter contemptuously because she is a human being, a conscious
and free individual, who has become life's passive instrument...There are women who enjoy the pleasures of pregnancy and suckling so much that they desire their indefinite
repetitions; as soon as a baby is weaned these mothers feel frustrated.
Such women are not so much mothers as fertile organisms, like fowls with
high egg-production. And they seek eagerly to sacrifice their liberty of
action to the functioning of their flesh: it seems to them that their existence
is tranquilly justified in the passive fecundity of their bodies."

Just as Beauvoir described in detail how she sees femininity as a weakness she also describes in The Second Sex how if women were allowed to kill, murder and take life they would be be more than animals and how taking life is what she sees as superior not the ability to give life:

"The warrior put his life in jeopardy to elevate the prestige of the horde, the clan to which he belonged. And in this he proved dramatically that life is not the
supreme value for man, but on the contrary that it should be made to
serve ends more important than itself. The worst curse that was laid upon
woman was that she should be excluded from these warlike forays. For
it is not in giving life but in risking life that man is raised above the
animal; that is why superiority has been accorded in humanity not to the
sex that brings forth but to that which kills."

Simone de Beauvoir was also the writer of the text of the Manifesto of the 343 which was a declaration that was signed by 343 women admitting to having had an abortion she was also one of the signers. Here is the text of the manifesto:

"One million women in France have an abortion every year.
Condemned to secrecy, they have them in dangerous conditions when this procedure, performed under medical supervision, is one of the simplest.
These women are veiled in silence.
I declare that I am one of them. I have had an abortion.
Just as we demand free access to birth control, we demand the freedom to have an abortion"

In response 331 French doctors wrote a manifesto demonstrating their undying support for abortion and for completely unrestricted abortion:

"We want freedom of abortion. It is entirely the woman's decision. We reject any entity that forces her to defend herself, perpetuates an atmosphere of guilt, and allows underground abortions to persist"

So in essence Simone de Beauvoir almost single-handedly got abortion legalized in France. If I were to guess I'd say her loathing for pregnancy, homemakers and motherhood had much to do with her motivation.

In "It Changed My Life: Writings on the Women's Movement" by her fellow feminist Betty Friedan she remarked about how no woman should be given vouchers by the state to stay at home and raise their children because too many women would choose to do so and it would set women as a whole back:

"No woman should be authorized to stay at home and raise her children. Society should be totally different. Women should not have that choice, precisely because if there is such a choice, too many women will make that one."

Sounds like a champion of freedom to me! She goes on to state in that book that unless the "myth of the maternal instinct" was not destroyed women would forever be oppressed:

"In my opinion, as long as the family and the myth of the family and the myth of maternity and the maternal instinct are not destroyed, women will still be oppressed."

Die For a Woman Join the Army Today WWI Misandric Propaganda

"At this hour of England's grave peril and desperate need I do hereby pledge myself most solemnly in the name of my King and Country to persuade every man I know to offer his services to the country, and I also pledge myself never to be seen in public with any man who, being in every way fit and free for service, has refused to respond to his country's call"

WWI Propaganda from the The Active Service League formed by Baroness Emma Orczy's%20grave%20peril%20and%20desperate%20need%20I%20do%20hereby%20pledge%20myself%20most%20solemnly%20in%20the%20name%20of%20my%20King%20and%20Country%20to%20persuade%20every%20man%20I%20know%20to%20offer%20his%20services%20to%20the%20country%2C%20and%20I%20also%20pledge%20myself%20never%20to%20be%20seen%20in%20public%20with%20any%20man%20who%2C%20being%20in%20every%20way%20fit%20and%20free%20for%20service%2C%20has%20refused%20to%20respond%20to%20his%20country's%20call&f=false

Bill Maher on how Sex Works

“For a man to walk into a bar and have his choice of any woman he wants, he would have to be the ruler of the world. For a woman to have the same power over men, she’d have to do her hair.”

-Bill Maher 

Victoria Woodhul-Martin Feminist Hero Was Early Pre-Eugenics Megalomaniac Who Wanted to Sterilize All "Unfit" Including Women 1927

Victoria Woodhull is another hero given to feminists to look up to as a champion of women's rights, however it is seldom mentioned that actually Woodhull was a wealthy banker who actually advocated the need for forced sterilization for women deemed unfit to breed and wanted women with deformities eradicated from the gene pool. 

Woodhull was promoting eugenics coercion and the idea that poverty was a hereditary disease before Francis Galton Darwin but Darwin was given credit for it since he came from the prestigious Darwin family when in actuality Victoria Woodhull was the one to make these ideas known in America and Britain before him. The following article from the Ny Times dated May 8, 1927 shows Woodhull praising the Buck v Bell Supreme Court decision which declared the Government could Constitutionally force any woman deemed unfit to have her tubes tied and where Carrie Buck was then forced to have hers tied. 

American Still Prefer Male Bosses And Women Prefer a Male Boss More Often Than Men Do

Femanazis and the organizations that represent them often claim that having male bosses is oppressive to women but when asked whether they have a preference for the gender of their boss and if so what gender the women responded more often than men that they had a specific preference for the gender of their boss and that they prefer their boss to be a man.

And these type of findings have been duplicated several times over when both genders were asked similar questions so why does this myth still exist that most women find the fact that they have a male boss oppressive and a sign of the male patriarchy? Here are the findings from the Gallup Poll as illustrated in the image:

"Women More Likely to Have an Opinion, But Prefer a Male Boss, As Do Men

Although one might hypothesize that men would prefer a male boss and women a female boss, this does not appear to be the case. Instead, the results from the latest Aug. 11-14 survey show that the major difference between sexes is in terms of having a preference at all, rather than in terms of the preferred gender of one's boss.

The majority of men express no preference regarding the gender of their boss, while women are both more likely than men to say they would prefer having a male and a female boss. Still, both men and women end up preferring a male boss -- men by 26% to 16%, and women by 39% to 27%....

Age Makes Big Difference in Preferences Among Women, But Not Among Men

Americans younger than 50 tilt only slightly toward a preference for a male boss rather than a female boss (31% vs. 27%), while those 50 and older are significantly more likely to say they prefer a male (35% vs. 16%).

There is an important interaction between age and gender in terms of boss gender preference. Women younger than 50 are virtually even in their preferences, with a slight two-point tilt toward a desire for a female boss. Women 50 and older are substantially more likely to prefer a male boss, 44% vs. 18%. There is little difference in the preferences of men, regardless of their age"

And it's not just the women in the US who prefer a male boss. Also the Gallup Poll suspiciously left out stated reasons why the people polled said they preferred a male boss. But the London Telegraph gets more to the meat of the matter:

"Most women prefer working for men
Two thirds of women prefer working for male bosses because they are better managers and less prone to moods..."

"Many female employees also like having a man in charge because they are 'more authoritative' and 'more straight-talking' than their female counterparts.

Women rated men 'tougher', 'better at delegation' and also more likely to regularly dish out praise.

And men were also hailed as being better decision-makers and having more grasp of the business overall than women do.

It also emerged four out of ten women who have female bosses believe they could do a better job than their immediate superior."

A Female Teacher Raping a 13 Year Old Male Student is no Big Deal According to Judge Who Refused to Imprison Her

"It's just something between two people that clicked beyond the teacher-student relationship...I really don't see the harm that was done and certainly society doesn't need to be worried."

Judge Bruce A. Gaeta, a New Jersey judge, said as he dismissed prison time for a teacher who admitted having sex with a 13-year-old male student. The punishment? 5 years probation, no jail-time.

Double standards double standards double standards.

Proof of Rockefeller and Ford Foundation Funding Feminist Movement

It is now official that the Rockefeller and Ford Foundation are funding third wave feminism and it is actually announced on the third wave website:

Here is the website's statement:

"When you donate to the Third Wave Foundation, you support the dynamic and evolving face of the feminist movement."

Here is the Rockefeller Foundation's website admitting they gave them over $100,000:

Now that we know where the money is coming from the large influence of this movement should make more sense.