Friday, September 13, 2013

Influential First Wave Feminist Leader Emmeline Pankhurst Brags About Blowing Up Home in 1913

Emmeline Pankhurst a celebrated first wave feminist blows up home and brags about it to the suffragette crowd who applauds her in 1913.

This is the movement they tell us was so honorable and innocent. If you check Pankhurst's bio it is revealed that her daughters turned their back on the movement because of her arson:

"The group quickly became infamous when its members smashed windows and assaulted police officers. Pankhurst, her daughters, and other WSPU activists were sentenced to repeated prison sentences, where they staged hunger strikes to secure better conditions. As Pankhurst's oldest daughter Christabel took the helm of the WSPU, antagonism between the group and the government grew. Eventually arson became a common tactic among WSPU members, and more moderate organizations spoke out against the Pankhurst family. In 1913 several prominent individuals left the WSPU, among them Pankhurst's daughters Adela and Sylvia. The family rift was never healed."

Sounds like a loving movement to me.

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