Monday, September 16, 2013

The First Woman to Open a Woman's Shelter Describes the Trouble With Women

"The trouble with women is they want to make their men into girlfriends and there's alot of truth in that. So few women actually understand what is a man, they actually berate their male partners because they're not more like other women and I constantly have to say to a woman "it's no good saying to a man I want to sit down and discuss this endlessly because that isn't what men do". You say to your male partner "I need help, this is what the problem is" then he'll be able to do something about it but it's no good getting cross because he doesn't sit down over a glass of white wine like your girlfriend and spend 3 hours analyzing"

Erin Pizzey, a female Men's Rights Activist and the woman who opened up the first domestic violence shelter for women in the UK. This quote was taken from her show at 24:30 at the following link

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