Monday, August 31, 2015

The Mother of Feminism Admits She Invited and Recruited Radicals to Join Her Organization

The idea that radicals just accidentally took over the feminist movement against the wishes of the honorable pioneers is a myth. Betty Friedan, the very mother of the feminist movement, admitted in her book "Life so Far: A Memoir", on page 188, that she not only invited radical feminists into the movement, namely in The National Organization for Women, but she actually went and recruited them ACTIVELY. Also on that same page she admits that some of the first wave feminists were racists who turned against black people when black men got the right to vote before white women.

"I went out to Berkeley to try to
recruit women members of the leadership of the SDS (Students
for a Democratic Society), the radical student movement...
I wanted the young, radical women in NOW and was more
concerned with getting them in than I was establishment women"

And here she is on the same page admitting that some of the feminist pioneers were racist.

"Not all the early members of NOW shared my determination
to make the movement as large and inclusive as I did. Some of
them were old-timers who had gotten their ideologies from men,
and some of the old suffragettes were, I think, racist... some of our feminist foremothers had
later turned bitterly against the blacks in their own frustration
that women were not added to the amendment that gave black
males the vote."

The White Mother of Feminism Wanted to "Spank" Black Women for Not Wanting to Join the Movement

Betty Friedan, the mother of feminism, admitted to wanting to "spank" black women who said they did not want to join the feminist movement because they supported black men. 

This was shortly after The National Organization for Women(NOW) was created. The information below is taken from page 186 of her book "Life so Far: A Memoir"

"I wanted young black women as well...I met with students with their new
afros...It was hard to convince those young black women to join
NOW. I remember sitting on the floor and talking with all these
young women and some men and the women saying to me:

don't want anything to do with that feminist bag. Black women
have been too strong. It's the black man who should get his
power now. Then they'll take care of us." Well, I wanted to spank

So you can clearly see the control-freak personality on full display in that quote illustrating how she wanted to physically attack black women because they didn't want to join her feminist cult.

Betty Friedan Admitted Most Women Did Not See Themselves As Oppressed

Betty Friedan, the woman who is considered the mother of feminism, revealed on page 287 of her book "Life so Far: A Memoir" that most women did not see the feminist movement as helping their condition. And perhaps most importantly, she revealed that most women also did not see themselves as an oppressed group despite the feminist movement's claims that they were speaking in the name of all women who supposedly comprised this one big oppressed collective.

"[A] Louis Harris Poll found that
a vast majority of women (65%) supported efforts to strengthen
women's status in society, but few (17%) thought that women's
organizations were helping. Contrary to the self-styled "revolutionary"
new NOW leadership, the majority of women polled did not think of themselves as an "oppressed group."

This information is of tremendous importance because it knocks the legs from underneath the often repeated argument that feminists rescued the female population from virtual chattel slavery in the 60s and 70s.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Pioneering Feminist Simone de Beauvoir Exposed as Anti-Family

Simone de Beauvoir, a feminist pioneer whose book,"The Second Sex", written in 1949, influenced Betty Friedan to write "The Feminine Mystique", which spearheaded the second wave feminist movement. 

Simone was consequently of vital importance to the cultural change brought on by the feminist movement. In her book "Life so Far",(pgs 281-282) Betty Friedan, the mother of feminism, describes how she was shocked to discover how bigoted Simone was and how much animosity she hard for marriage and motherhood. 

So you can clearly see from that passage that Simone de Beauvoir's name can be added to the long list of feminist figureheads who had an agenda and that agenda was to destabilize the relations between men and women and ultimately eliminate the family.

Betty Friedan Quietly Admitted That Her Comparing Housewives With Concentration Camp Inmates Was Stupid

The mother of feminism, Betty Friedan, in her book "Life so Far", talks about how she compared American middle-class housewives with concentration camp inmates. She told women in her book "The Feminine Mystique" that they were living in comfortable concentration camps and this "comfortable concentration camp" slogan is one that was repeatedly endlessly by feminists while they were demonizing the nuclear family. 

So here's Betty in her book on page 132 merely saying "whoops I now disagree with that part of my book", but of course she issued no public apology and was never held accountable for the division that line caused between men and women. This is the kind of hysterical rhetoric that fueled the beginning of the modern feminist movement and very little has changed today.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

A Leading Suffragist Says that the Women's Suffrage Movement and Feminists Movement Were Two Separate Movements 1914

It is virtually impossible to criticize the feminist movement today without being labeled a woman-hating misogynist because the movement has been allowed to get away with claiming the women's suffrage movement and feminist movement were one in the same. As a result, when you criticize the feminist movement that means you don't believe women should have the right to vote according to them. Well this article from 1914 by a leading women's suffrage activist illustrates the fact that the women's suffrage movement and the feminist movement were two separate movements with separate philosophies. The woman in the article named Mrs. Higgins disagreed with the feminist movement and felt it was incredibly dangerous to the nuclear family structure.

Quoting from the article:

"She sounds a rallying cry to women to fight this movement, which she believes is widely different from the suffrage campaign" 

Do not allow people to get away with claiming the feminist movement and the women's suffrage movement were the same thing. They weren't. 

Betty Friedan Admits that the Research for her Book on Unsatisfied Housewives was Only on Middle Class Women

Betty Friedan, perhaps the most important feminist in modern history, admits in "Life so Far" that the research that her book "The Feminine Mystique" was based on only included data from middle class housewives because middle class people were more important to her than lower class people culturally. 

"The Feminine Mystique" is the most important book in feminist history because it ignited the second wave feminist movement, and the response to that book led to Betty creating the National Organization for Women which till the present day, is the feminist lobbying powerhouse unparalleled by any other feminist organization on the planet. So let's take a look at her words from page 131 of "Life so Far"

So you can clearly see her in that passage assuming that research based only on middle class women actually effected ALL women. So because her middle class, University classmates felt they were oppressed as women because they were housewives then that automatically meant that ALL women felt that they were oppressed as housewives! This is the farce that laid at the foundation of the feminist movement from the very beginning. 

Betty Friedan Admits the Feminist Movement Demonized Heterosexual Sex

Betty Friedan, the mother of feminism, and one of the most celebrated feminist figures in history, admits on page 69 of her book "Life So Far: A Memoir", that the feminist movement bashed heterosexual sex and that their claims did not match up with her experience with men. As is usual with feminists however, there is no record of her openly protesting any of these feminists that were involved in demonizing heterosexual sex. Using the immense power she had in the movement Betty could have easily had these bigots ostracized from the movement.


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Relational Aggression: Wives Commit Most Social Sabotages and Love Withdrawals.

     In a 2010 study by Brigham Young University titled "Relational aggression in marriage", researchers discovered that wives are more likely than husbands to commit acts of social sabotaging and Love withdrawals. 

In order to understand those terms better, let's take a fist look at the questionnaire in the study to see how these are defined:

So we can summarize the definition of social sabotage as the following:

  •  Talking behind spouse's back
  • Triangulation; pitting others against spouse
  • Spreading negative rumors about spouse 
  • Demeaning or degrading spouse in front of others
  • Deliberately spreading rumors to be mean
  • Blackmailing spouse   
And the definition of love withdrawal from the study:

  • Giving silent treatment
  • Intentionally ignoring spouse to get one's wishes
  • Giving cold shoulder
  • Emotional and sexual neglect
  • Not pay attention to spouse

Now let's look at the PDF of the study to look closely at the results:

So women are 8% more likely to withdraw affection than husbands, and are 12% more likely to commit social sabotage. 

And when controlling for marital conflict, the rates that women engaged in love withdrawing and social sabotaging increased even more:

Women Shamed Men into Fighting in the Civil and Revolutionary Wars

Many of you have probably heard about how men were handed white feathers of cowardice by some women during WWI(including by feminist leaders) but something that is rarely mentioned is that some women also shamed men into fighting in both the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. For some odd reason, this is a subject that historians have not been very interested in examining much or at least in elaborating much of the information to the public after discovering it.

Certainly men heavily pressured each other into fighting in war throughout history and I am more than pleased with the amount of information available on that particular element of war but there has been almost a complete blackout in mainstream history about how women were also cheerleaders supporting war.

My first source for women shaming men into fighting in the Civil War is a book titled "A People at War: Civilians and Soldiers in America's Civil War" it states:

"Soldiers' letters and diaries suggest that soldiers hoped to win the respect of their family
members, particularly their fathers, or to appear manly in the eyes of their wives
or would-be wives. Some Southern women sent petticoats to men reluctant to
volunteer, and one Northern recruit wrote in his diary, "If a fellow wants to go
with a girl now he had better enlist. The girls sing 'I am bound to be a Soldier's
Wife or Die an Old Maid."

My second source, "Fighting Men of the Civil War" also corroborates that information. It stated:

"Worst of all were the sweethearts. "If a fellow wants to go with a girl, now he had better enlist" wrote an Indiana boy. The song on the young belles' lips was "I am bound to be a Soldier's Wife or Die an Old Maid". When an Alabama youth showed reluctance to rally to the colors, his sweetheart, angry at his behavior, broke off their engagement and sent him a skirt and petticoat with the note; "Wear these or enlist" 

A third source confirming this historical reality is a book titled, "Women in the American Civil War, Volume 1":

"Women could use the romantic sentiments of
the period as a form of intimidation to encourage
men to enlist. Some women proclaimed that they
would marry only soldiers. not cowards; they would
marry a soldier or be an old maid. According to one
popular Confederate song, "None but the brave
deserve the fair."

Others postponed engagements
until after enlistments. Married women declared
similar sentiments, asserting that they would not
keep a husband who clid not join the army. In other
cases, some of which are perhaps apocryphal,
women sent petticoats, bonnets. and hoopskirts to
men who declined to serve their nation."
And my final source is titled "Undoing Glory: Constructions of Gender and Patriotism in Post War US Society", this book also mentions women shaming men into the Revolutionary War:

"The Revolutionary War saw women boycott British goods, shun British loyalists, and coerce their men to fight. Similar activities occurred during the American Civil War. Here, a poignant story relates to women in Texas presenting local men with petticoats and bonnets as an effort to shame them into fighting for the Confederacy."

All of this information is of paramount importance for understanding the full scope of the tremendous pressures these young men were hit with pushing them into a uniform. Without this piece of the puzzle their decision join the bloodiest war in the nation's history makes much less sense. Sex sells and even back then it was sometimes utilized to sell the legitimacy of war. 

Monday, August 24, 2015

Women Commiting Acts of Violence Against Men in the Name of Feminism on Trains

The latest incident of feminist violence and bullying involves a young woman boasting about stomping on a man's foot who was sitting across from her on a train and who, according to her, was manspreading. If you are not familiar with the term "manspreading" it's basically a phrase created by feminists on tumblr to describe a man who is committing the crime of sitting in public seating with his legs spread too far apart. The report on the story states:

"Manspreaders everywhere: beware. There’s a feminist haunting trains in a city near you who’s not above physical abuse to get you to close those pesky legs of yours. One hyper-annoyed girl saw a man spreading his junk out across from her on the train, so she kindly squashed his foot and he stopped, according to her tweet...She then replied to her own tweet to inform everyone that the offender then moved from his seat entirely, so she ” definitely won this battle.”

You can view her proudly tweeting about her act of violence here.

This act is reminiscent of how a feminist in June of this year (2015) was thrilled to brag about sitting on 12 men who were "manspreading" on the train according to her. The feminist movement praised her far and wide and not a single person in the media condemned her behavior.

The fact that feminists are allowed to not only commit violence against men in public but boast about it shows you just how acceptable sexism and bigotry against the male gender is in our culture right now. You can bet they are going to continue to push the envelop until they eventually seriously hurt someone or kill a man. I wonder if they will be declared a hate movement then.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Betty Friedan's Reliance on Maids Proves Feminism was a Farce

Betty Friedan, the woman who created The National Organization for Women and is credited with starting modern feminism, is the frequently celebrated face of a movement of female independence and empowerment and yet she was heavily reliant upon maids from poor countries who she rarely mentioned enough to illustrate any concern for. My notes taken from her book "Life So Far" below shows just how independent Betty really was.

On page 78 she admits she was so reliant on her maid that the maid was told to spank her son so that he could learn how to stop running into the street in front of cars.

On page 81 she talks about how she
had to have a maid so that she could be independent enough to chase her career while the maid took care of the children.

On page 88 she even admits that she was so dependent on maids that she never even learned how to even operate a washer and drier. She also claims she was "scared" of the machinery which shows you how hysterical she was in terms of personality.


Also on page 88 she reveals the fact that her maid was a black woman from Haiti who didn't speak any English. So here's the mother of modern feminism who was complaining her entire career about how men took advantage of hiring women for low wage jobs and here she is being dependent on women in low wage jobs and in particular a woman from the most oppressed racial group available.

On page 109 she complained about having to spend money she got from her advance pay as a writer to pay the maid.

So in conclusion, we can see that the entire feminist women's "liberation" movement was propped up by black female maids cleaning privileged women like Betty Friedan's filth and that of her children. Does that sound like liberation to you?

Friday, August 21, 2015

The Mother of Feminism Describes her Days as a Communist Fanatic

Betty Friedan, the mother of modern feminism, described her fanatical communism in her book "Life so Far" and how she went to the communist party's headquarters and asked to be a member. This is vital information for understanding the political philosophy that helped shape the woman who created the most powerful gender relations movement in history.

Let's examine the notes I took in the book on this subject. 

On page 57 she describes how her and her friends would go to Communist Front meetings and she describes the day she went to ask to join the party. She also talks about how merely being a liberal wasn't "revolutionary" enough for her.

On page 59 she describes how they sneered at liberals because they weren't as radical as her and her communist friends.

On page 62 she talks about how she went to the communist newspaper headquarters to offer her services.

On page 70 she boasts to her parent's friend about being a communist.

So there you have it, the mother of feminism openly stating that she used to be a proud communist and even asked to join the communist party. This information should help you understand why the feminist movement has an undying obsession with women working and why they devalue housewives and stay-at-home mothers. This also explains why they believe that the taxpayer should be responsible for women's reproductive decisions. Pick up a used copy of this book and everything will make a lot more sense.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Feminists Claim Voluntary Marriages Make Women Sex Slaves 1969

A feminist group claimed that by granting marriage licenses the city governments were involved in a conspiracy to force women into sex slavery, rape, and unpaid labor in 1969.

Betty Friedan the Mother of Feminism Hated her Mother

I just finished reading "Life So Far: A Memoir", by Betty Friedan, who is hailed as the mother of feminism. I highly recommend you pick up a copy of the book because it provides you with an unmatched window into the psychology of what motivated the creation of the modern feminist movement (this blog will be the first in a series of blogs on the notes I took from the book).


One of the things that stood out to me immediately when I read the book was how Betty started right ranting about how she hated her mother because she was a housewife who didn't have a career. Betty was so obsessed with career-womanhood that she even said a prayer asking God to give her a career when she grew up, so this fixation on career obsession as a panacea bordered on a religious belief for her as you can see from the following passage on page one of the book.

On page sixteen of the book she goes into detail about how privileged a life her mother had and how she hired female maids to do her housework for her. She did nothing for herself.


On page eighteen she goes into more detail about how entitled and materialistic her mother was.


On page nineteen she says that her mother ran their lives and conspired with the children to keep secrets from their father. So their mother ran their lives not their father.


Another similar passage on page 30 further illustrates her loathing for her mother growing up.


On pages 30-31 there is a chilling quote from her where she states that she would go around saying that she believed all mothers should be drowned. She also says that she believed her mother's sense of entitlement was killing her father in the passage.

And finally, on page 32, she admits that digging up stories about how fathers abused their daughters was fashionable in the feminist movement. She also talks about how she would use psychology to "deconstruct" everything her parents ever did for her or to her. She attempts to blame society for forcing mothers like her own mother to "live through their children" when obviously her mother was dominant enough to have had a career if she wanted it.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Feminist Doctor Claims Smoking Prevents Disease in Women and Empowers Women

A Feminist Doctor who was the head of the local women's suffrage organization in 1921, declared that smoking prevented disease in women, that nicotine was key to female empowerment, and that there was a evil male conspiracy to prevent women from having these benefits.

The headline of the article is hilariously wicked

And here's another interesting part of the article where she claims that men are fear-mongering about women smoking too much for no reason. Women were too busy to ever possibly smoke so much that it harmed their health. Those silly men!

You can download the full article here

American Men are All Potential Mass Shooters

American men are all dangerous, untrustworthy gun-crazed, beasts according to this article from Pacific Standard and they ponder how toxic our masculinity is. Quote:

"Mass shootings are also almost universally committed by men. So, this is not just an American problem; it’s a problem related to American masculinity and to the ways American men use guns.

But asking whether “guns” or “masculinity” is more of the problem misses the central point that separating the two might not be as simple as it sounds....

Research shows that when an identity someone cares about is called into question, they are likely to react by over-demonstrating qualities associated with that identity. As this relates to gender, some sociologists call this “masculinity threat. "

This is of course a total concealment of the fact that the rate of violent crime in the United States overall has been plummeting the past 30 years. The New York Times reported on the fact that the public's hysterical perception of violent crime has not caught up with the reality of the actual plummeting violent crime rate of the past few decades. Quote:

"Here’s a narrative you rarely hear: Our lives are safer. This message is so rarely heard that half of all respondents to a recent YouGov poll suggested that the violent crime rate had risen over the past two decades. The reality, of course, is that it has fallen enormously.

The decline in violent crime is one of the most striking trends over recent decades; the rate has declined roughly by half since 1993"

Of course the feminist movement has been instrumental in fear-mongering the public into believing that no once is safe from the supposedly increasing male scourge of violence. Who benefits when you live in a state of fear?

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Mothers are Most Often Responsible for Alienating Children From Their Fathers

In this blog I will be introducing you to a term most people are not familiar with namely "parental alienation". Though it's an unpopular term, parental alienation has an immense influence over modern family dynamics. Psychology Today states that:"Parental alienation involves the “programming” of a child by one parent to denigrate the other “targeted” parent, in an effort to undermine and interfere with the child's relationship with that parent, and is often a sign of a parent’s inability to separate from the couple conflict and focus on the needs of the child. Such denigration results in the child’s emotional rejection of the targeted parent, and the loss of a capable and loving parent from the life of the child"

Mothers are more often responsible for alienating the father from the child than fathers are for alienating mothers. This information is admitted in several papers on the subject. The American Journal of Forensic Psychology states:

"mothers were twice as likely as fathers to form PAS type alignments with their children. When false allegations of abuse arise, as in more severe manifestations of PAS, mothers also seem to comprise the majority. Mothers constituted 67 percent of the accusers in the nationwide study which revealed that allegations of abuse in divorce / custody disputes were found to be invalid about 50 percent of the time."(pg 11)

Also on page 11 of the paper we discover what some of the likely motivations for unmarried mothers who alienated her child/ren from the father might have been:

"one of the contributing factors to PAS with some of these couples is the mother's anger and resentment over the father's refusal to marry her, an effect which is exacerbated if the father becomes involved with a new partner"
The fact that fathers are usually the parent that is unfairly alienated by the mother is reiterated on page 27 of the paper:

"Children are about twice as likely to form PAS type alignments with their mothers as they are with their fathers. Similarly, fathers are more likely than mothers to become target parents, especially when Similarly, fathers are more likely than mothers to become target parents, especially when abuse is falsely alleged. These and other gender differences were also discussed in Part I. Some fathers who become target or rejected parents in PAS give up and withdraw, contributing to the significant dropout rate of fathers after divorce."

The paper titled "Patterns of Parental Alienation Syndrome: AQualitative Study of Adults Who were Alienatedfrom a Parent as a Child" also found that mothers were the parents responsible for alienating the children from their fathers in all but 6 out of 40 of the cases. The information in the screenshot is found on page 65.

Another indication that mothers are more often responsible for alienating fathers from their children is revealed in the child support data published in the U.S. Census Bureau's, Current Population Survey when mothers stated the reasons for why they did not receive child support, a higher percentage of the mothers who had custody of their children, said they did not want the father to have contact with the children than the percentage of fathers who had custody said they did not want the children to have contact with the mother. (that information is from page 4 of the document)

This is information that you will seldom hear reported in the news or in your University classes. All of this is usually kept very hush-hush because we are and perhaps always have been steeped in a culture that practically worships mothers and where fathers are viewed with suspicion. 

Monday, August 17, 2015

White Women Benefiting the Most from Affirmative Action.

Despite Affirmative Action being originally created to help minorities in the U.S to catch up with the majority white population, evidence points out that white women have been the biggest beneficiaries from such legislation and are getting hired more frequently than other minorities of both genders; and women are better paid by the so-called patriarchs in cahoots with government: Here's Time reporting on it:
"While people of color, individually and as groups, have been helped by affirmative action in the subsequent years, data and studies suggest women — white women in particular — have benefited disproportionately. According to one study, in 1995, 6 million women, the majority of whom were white, had jobs they wouldn’t have otherwise held but for affirmative action. 
Another study shows that women made greater gains in employment at companies that do business with the federal government, which are therefore subject to federal affirmative-action requirements, than in other companies — with female employment rising 15.2% at federal contractors but only 2.2% elsewhere. And the women working for federal-contractor companies also held higher positions and were paid better. 
Even in the private sector, the advancements of white women eclipse those of people of color. After IBM established its own affirmative-action program, the numbers of women in management positions more than tripled in less than 10 years. Data from subsequent years show that the number of executives of color at IBM also grew, but not nearly at the same rate."
Next time a white feminist equates themselves with minorities, despite belonging to most privileged class majority, you shove these pesky facts on their faces.