Sunday, August 23, 2015

Betty Friedan's Reliance on Maids Proves Feminism was a Farce

Betty Friedan, the woman who created The National Organization for Women and is credited with starting modern feminism, is the frequently celebrated face of a movement of female independence and empowerment and yet she was heavily reliant upon maids from poor countries who she rarely mentioned enough to illustrate any concern for. My notes taken from her book "Life So Far" below shows just how independent Betty really was.

On page 78 she admits she was so reliant on her maid that the maid was told to spank her son so that he could learn how to stop running into the street in front of cars.

On page 81 she talks about how she
had to have a maid so that she could be independent enough to chase her career while the maid took care of the children.

On page 88 she even admits that she was so dependent on maids that she never even learned how to even operate a washer and drier. She also claims she was "scared" of the machinery which shows you how hysterical she was in terms of personality.


Also on page 88 she reveals the fact that her maid was a black woman from Haiti who didn't speak any English. So here's the mother of modern feminism who was complaining her entire career about how men took advantage of hiring women for low wage jobs and here she is being dependent on women in low wage jobs and in particular a woman from the most oppressed racial group available.

On page 109 she complained about having to spend money she got from her advance pay as a writer to pay the maid.

So in conclusion, we can see that the entire feminist women's "liberation" movement was propped up by black female maids cleaning privileged women like Betty Friedan's filth and that of her children. Does that sound like liberation to you?

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