Wednesday, August 19, 2015

American Men are All Potential Mass Shooters

American men are all dangerous, untrustworthy gun-crazed, beasts according to this article from Pacific Standard and they ponder how toxic our masculinity is. Quote:

"Mass shootings are also almost universally committed by men. So, this is not just an American problem; it’s a problem related to American masculinity and to the ways American men use guns.

But asking whether “guns” or “masculinity” is more of the problem misses the central point that separating the two might not be as simple as it sounds....

Research shows that when an identity someone cares about is called into question, they are likely to react by over-demonstrating qualities associated with that identity. As this relates to gender, some sociologists call this “masculinity threat. "

This is of course a total concealment of the fact that the rate of violent crime in the United States overall has been plummeting the past 30 years. The New York Times reported on the fact that the public's hysterical perception of violent crime has not caught up with the reality of the actual plummeting violent crime rate of the past few decades. Quote:

"Here’s a narrative you rarely hear: Our lives are safer. This message is so rarely heard that half of all respondents to a recent YouGov poll suggested that the violent crime rate had risen over the past two decades. The reality, of course, is that it has fallen enormously.

The decline in violent crime is one of the most striking trends over recent decades; the rate has declined roughly by half since 1993"

Of course the feminist movement has been instrumental in fear-mongering the public into believing that no once is safe from the supposedly increasing male scourge of violence. Who benefits when you live in a state of fear?

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  1. This is basically another opportunistic propaganda force to display men as just violent creatures despite men being the most ones women will unequivocally call to get help; be it cops, firefighters or paramedics. Men have protected women from violence by being protectors by majority of the cases as well but that doesn't fit their narrative though.