Friday, August 28, 2015

Pioneering Feminist Simone de Beauvoir Exposed as Anti-Family

Simone de Beauvoir, a feminist pioneer whose book,"The Second Sex", written in 1949, influenced Betty Friedan to write "The Feminine Mystique", which spearheaded the second wave feminist movement. 

Simone was consequently of vital importance to the cultural change brought on by the feminist movement. In her book "Life so Far",(pgs 281-282) Betty Friedan, the mother of feminism, describes how she was shocked to discover how bigoted Simone was and how much animosity she hard for marriage and motherhood. 

So you can clearly see from that passage that Simone de Beauvoir's name can be added to the long list of feminist figureheads who had an agenda and that agenda was to destabilize the relations between men and women and ultimately eliminate the family.

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