Friday, February 19, 2016

The More Women Have Premarital Sex and Cohabitation History, the More Chances of Marital Disruption

      Feminists have constantly blamed society for placing specific restriction or discrimination on female sexuality for the sake of the honor and stability of the family unit, yet even after women's liberation, modern day studies do prove that women are more likely to be responsible for marital instability and dissolution when it comes to having partners before their husbands.

     In a study titled, Premarital Sex, Premarital Cohabitation, and the Risk of Subsequent Marital Dissolution Among Women, it is reported that women who experienced premarital sex and cohabitation with previous partners other than their husbands, were more likely to to report great increases in chances of suffering disruption or ending their marriage:

 Also, more at risk, were women who were single mothers, who themselves did not come from two-family units:

The most telling finding in this study, is the fact that women who only had premarital cohabitation and premarital sex with their husband, had no increase in the disruption or dissolution in their marriage:

Men were also expected to provide, protect and discipline throughout the ages, men also had limitations and sacrifices expected of them in order to make humanity thrive through the chaos we experienced either by natural disasters or wars. Despite it not being perfect and we having rationality to make choices, we cannot deny that conscientious efforts to make us thrive were not done to oppress women, but it was a mutual effort between the sexes to make sure their descendants would survive and thrive.

Also, we already reported that it is women sexually policing each other the most, and not men in this blog. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The National Organization for Women Opposes Inclusion of Parental Alienation in Psychiatry's DSM Diagnostic and Statistical Manual

The largest feminist group in the United States opposed "parental alienation" being included in the Psychiatric industry's DSM Diagnostic and Statistical Manual. They have consistently claimed that they oppose acknowledging that children suffer detrimental psychological effects from being alienated from their fathers because fathers would use the diagnosis to steal the children from their mothers. Also notice how they demonized joint custody in their statement as well.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

American Civil War's Forgotten Boy Soldiers

       During the Civil War (which is one of the periods where men enjoyed the height of their privilege), boy soldiers below 18 constituted about 20% of all forces on both Union and Confederate armies, and altogether, it is estimated that over 3.2 mil soldiers fought in the Civil War, which makes the number of boys who fought in the war roughly estimated at 642,214.4 thousand boys!

 Not only were young white boys fighting in that war, but also many black boys. Here's what this PBS piece has to say about boy soldiers:

Ulysses S. Grant was the biggest hero of the Civil War. Johnny Clem might well have been the smallest. Ten years old when he ran away from home and joined the second Michigan Regiment, the drummer boy won fame at the battle of Shiloh, where he put down his drum, picked up a gun, and shot a Confederate colonel. All across the Union, Clem was celebrated as a hero. But Johnny Clem wasn't the only young person to be affected by the Civil War. In fact, it would be hard to find a kid that wasn't. 

When war broke out in 1861, kids across the North and the South said goodbye to their fathers, brothers, uncles, and cousins -- or joined the military themselves. As many as 20% of Civil War soldiers were younger than 18. That was the minimum recruiting age for Union soldiers, but many people willingly overlooked the law. The Confederacy set no minimum age. Many young soldiers enlisted as musicians -- drummers, fifers, or buglers. In theory, musicians didn't fight. But once a battle began, these kids often armed themselves -- to save their own lives or the lives of their friends.

It's hard to imagine the horrors teenage soldiers experienced. They charged through hailstorms of bullets while the bodies of their friends fell all around them. They listened as wounded men pleaded for their mothers, for a drink of water, or for death to come. They assisted surgeons, standing by as they sawed off mangled arms and legs -- often without an anesthetic. They endured the horrors of Andersonville, a Confederate prison in which thousands of Union men died of starvation and disease. They were killed in battle or suffered physical and mental wounds that they would carry for the rest of their lives.

If the greatest horrors of the war occurred on the battlefields, civilians experienced their own shares of hardship. Families whose men went to war made up for their absence. Kids helped run family farms and businesses. They planted and harvested crops, chopped wood, and butchered animals for food. They drove horses, cooked, and cared for siblings. They wrote letters to their absent relatives, and prayed for them to come home safe. Many never did.

In the South, where most of the war's major battles were fought, civilian children endured even more misery. They huddled underground as bullets pierced the walls of their homes and artillery burst all around them. They stood by as their homes were turned into command posts or field hospitals. They tended wounded soldiers and watched them die. When the battles ended their homes and farms were often in ruins. Their fields and even their yards were littered with rotting corpses. Their animals and their food crops were destroyed or taken by soldiers. They faced disease and even starvation.

Yet for some Southern children -- African American slaves -- this brutal war meant freedom. Even before the war, enslaved children had escaped to the North with their families and on their own. As soon as the war began, African Americans began to slip behind Union lines and seek refuge. After President Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, this stream of refugees turned into a flood.

Often, home for emancipated slaves was no more than a wooden packing crate in a primitive encampment. Food was scarce, and disease rampant. As many as half of all blacks in such encampments died of diseases such as malaria and typhoid. But still, there was hope. Sympathetic Northerners set up schools to teach blacks of all ages to read and write. And like young Northern whites, young African Americans joined the army and fought for the Union cause. They, too, experienced the horrors of war, at places such as

Fort Wagner, South Carolina, and Saltville and Petersburg, both in Virginia.
Still, through all of the madness of war, children remained children. In schoolyards and farmyards, boys dressed as soldiers marched and played war. Girls imitated the nurses of the U.S. Sanitary Commission, which provided medical care to the soldiers. Kids read magazines such as Our Young Folks that contained stories of soldiers like Johnny Clem and encouraged kids to sacrifice for the war effort. And sacrifice they did, sending food packages, bandages, and clothing to soldiers in the field.

When the war ended in 1865, children felt both joy and sadness. Many soldiers returned home safe, but some came home wounded. Others didn't make it home at all. Almost every child in America had lost a relative in the war. While Northern children celebrated victory, young Southerners shared the humiliation of defeat. Many young African Americans enjoyed freedom for the first time. But that freedom would be limited by racism.

No matter who they were or where they lived, young people across America were glad that the bloodiest war in American history had ended at last. But for most kids who survived, the war would never quite be over. It had forced them to endure hardships and to grow up fast enough to take on adult responsibilities. It had shown them just how horrible the world could be. And they would never forget it.

Photos are courtesy of the New York Times  and Daily Mail

Monday, February 8, 2016

The National Organization for Women AGAIN Opposes Shared Parenting and an End to Permanent Alimony

The National Organization for Women, the largest feminist organization in the nation, is opposing an end to permanent alimony and shared parenting bills in Florida AGAIN this month.
So here we have the movement that claims to be in favor of equality between the genders fanatically opposing measures to ensure children have equal time with both parents and that men will not be in debt slavery to their wives byway of alimony payments for life.
Their argument against the bills is that they are unfair to women. This is the kind of information that needs to be thrown in a feminist's face when they argue with you about how their movement is just about equality. Quote:

"Measures to end permanent alimony and to push judges toward granting 50-50 time-sharing custody between parents are generating emotional arguments in legislative committee hearings...

Backers say alimony reform is needed to provide consistency and end injustices to a spouse ordered to pay alimony for life. However, opponents including the National Organization for Women contend the changes would be unfair to women who give up careers to be stay-at-home home mothers... 
opponents say the proposed change would imperil stay-at-home mothers.

"If you've been out of the job market even a few years, it passes you by, and then what can you do in your late 40s or 50s?" said Barbara Devane, a lobbyist for the National Organization for Women.

Women who say they're dependent on alimony testified against the bill."

Truth vs Reality in Feminist Rape Fearmongering

Women's Rights News, one of the most popular feminist pages on social media recently made a post insinuating that all of our sons are potential rapists until we teach them not to rape. Also the message is clear, women and girls are rarely ever safe from rape today. Or are they? 

Feminists Call for Reduction in the Male Population Via a Male-Specific Virus

In a recent article, Feminist Current  blamed masculinity for pretty much every problem the human species has faced since the dawn of time and hoped for a male-specific virus to kill men and reduce the male population. THIS IS THE FEMINIST MOVEMENT OPENLY CALLING FOR A REDUCTION OF THE MALE POPULATION.


"Men are experiencing karma. Women, on the other hand, are experiencing toxic masculinity — something that has been actively destroying the world since our first human ancestors, standing upon two legs, started walking around Africa...
What can be done? Well, I’ve decided the Earth needs a Mandemic. The human herd must be culled, and it’s time for buck season....
There could be a virus that causes gene mutations in men that rewrites their DNA. Then, when men have sex with women, they are drained of their DNA, “where it is then implanted into females, causing the death of the males....
Most women have some men in their lives that they dearly love. There are tons of wonderful men! So sure, it will be sad and tragic when the Mandemic rages with the fire of a thousand suns and randomly selects enough male victims to disrupt the current power structure around the world. This will be necessary to create an opening for women to become equal — maybe even dominant. But isn’t our only hope the removal of excessive male humans from the continents?"

Women's Studies Director Helping Steer Feminist Culture Has Borderline Personality Disorder

Women's Studies Director and proud feminist Merri Lisa Johnson, openly has borderline personality disorder and wrote a book describing herself as a psycho girlfriend who needed help. So this chick is openly a psycho and is rewarded for it by being put in charge of an endless amount of students. She has heavily influenced the feminist studies departments in the Southeastern US and writes about how feminism is engaged in a sex war. These are the people steering feminist culture and influencing your children.

The Psychological and Developmental Advantages of Fathers Having Primary Custody of Children.

A very revealing study that Dr. Warren Farrell mentioned in his book "Father and Son Reunion", which explores the positive effects of children growing up in households where fathers have primary custody, is titled "Advantages of Father Custody and Contact for the Psychological Well-Being of School-Age Children". The study reveals how the children they researched were more psychologically stable and that they even had a more positive opinion of the opposite sex parent(the mother). When mothers had primary custody the children had a more negative opinion of their opposite sex parent(the father). Quote:

"The major finding of the study was that across a variety of
assessments of psychological well-being (self-esteem, anxiety, depression, problem
behaviors), children (especially boys) did significantly better in the custody of their
fathers. Moreover, children in father custody had the advantage of maintaining a
more positive relationship with the nonresident parent, the mother."

The findings are also explored in more detail on pages 19 and 24

The First Study to Provide Experimental Evidence of the Negative Effects of Fatherlessness on Female Sexual Behavior

The first study to provide an experimental link between fatherlessness and detrimental effects on female sexual behavior was titled "The Effects of Paternal Disengagement on Women’s Sexual Decision Making: An Experimental Approach". It would be difficult to find a more important study demonstrating the importance of fathers in the household than this. We do hear from time to time about how beneficial men are in the lives of boys but this study provides the other side of the equation. Quote:

"An abundance of research demonstrates a robust association between father absence—or low-quality paternal involvement—and daughters’ accelerated sexual development, promiscuity, and sexual risk taking. Although recent natural experiments provide support for fathers playing a causal role in these outcomes, these effects have not been examined using a randomized experimental design to eliminate genetic and environmental confounds inherent in previous studies.

We redressed this empirical gap by 
experimentally testing the effects of primed paternal disengagement cues on women’s sexual decision making. Across 5 experiments, reminders of paternal disengagement increased women’s activation of
sexual thoughts (Experiment 1), sexual permissiveness (Experiments 2-4), and negativity toward condom use (Experiment 5)... These results provide the first true experimental
evidence supporting a causal relationship between paternal disengagement and changes in women’s psychology that promote risky sexual behavior."

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Feminist Professor Joreen Freeman Degraded Women as "Bitches"and "Androgynous"

     Ever wonder why so many women today are so happy to disrespect themselves by calling themselves bitches? Well this trend started with the feminist movement and was derived from Joreen Freeman a feminist professor who wrote "The Bitch Manifesto", a popular feminist text for laying their cultural groundwork. In there she told women they should be proud to call themselves and each other female dogs:

"Bitches seek their identity strictly thru themselves and what they do. They are subjects, not objects. They may have a relationship with a person or organization, but they never marry anyone or anything; man, mansion, or movement...

A woman should be proud to declare she is a Bitch, because Bitch is Beautiful. It should be an act of affirmation by self and not negation by others. Not everyone can qualify as a Bitch...
What is disturbing about a Bitch is that she is androgynous."

Friday, February 5, 2016

The Feminist Myth of the Dumb Housewife Debunked in 1971 by Berkeley University

      The idea that working/career women were smarter than housewives which was peddled by the feminist movement was shown to be false in a study on IQ done in 1971. Housewives actually outscored the working women but we never hear about this study today do we?

The stereotype of the dumbed down housewife was most famously created by Betty Friedan in "The Feminine Mystique" which is the book that created second wave feminism which described women as slaves in comfortable concentrated camps that needed to obsess about having a career in order to evolve as a gender.


Ti-Grace Atkinson Suggested Men are Biologically Flawed and have to be Eliminated

      Ti Grace Atkinson who was very influential in second wave feminism and a gathering of feminists in April 1969 talked about how men were possibly all biologically flawed and might need to be eliminated from society because our biology made us cannibals:

"Because women have been taught to believe that men have protective feelings
towards women (men have protective feelings towards their functions (property) not other human beings, we women are shocked by these discoveries and ask
ourselves why men took and continue to take advantage of us.

Some people say that men are naturally or biologically, aggressive. But this leaves us at an impasse. If the values of society are power oriented, there is no chance that
men would agree to be medicated into an humane state. The other alternative that
has been suggested is to eliminate men as biologically incapable of humane
relationships and therefore a menace to society.
I can sympathize with the frustration and rage that leads to this suggestion, but the proposal as I understand it is that men constitute a social disease and that by "men" is meant those individuals with certain typical genital characteristics.

These genital characteristics are held to determine the organism in every biochemical respect thus determining the psychic structure as well. It may be that as in other
mental derangement, and I do believe that men behave in a mentally deranged manner towards women... 
I think that the need men have for the role of oppressor is the source
and foundation of all human oppression: they suffer from a disease peculiar
to Mankind which I call 'Metaphysical Cannibalism' and men must at the very
least cooperate in curing themselves."

Feminists Call All Men Oppressors and Villains in 1970

      A Marxist Feminist group in 1970 led by feminist college Professor Marlene Dixon defines all men as oppressors, while Women's Lib call men "as the collective villain":

The idea that all men were evil and men were the enemy was deeply entrenched in this movement from early on.


   Here are more examples of the misandry that shaped the minds of the youth from the era. Marlene Dixon (once again) stated explicitly that men were the enemy and Sally Kemton, a feminist writer/author for the New York Times did as well:

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Feminist Terrorist Jane Alpert Threatened to Bomb Gov Buildings and Said Men cannot be Trusted

Second wave feminist Jane Alpert in 1973 continued the trend from first wave feminism of bomb threats and plans to commit bombings while calling for the total disassociation of men because men couldn't be trusted. But feminists love men equally though.


Suffragist Carrie Chapman Catt Supported Government Forced Eugenics and State Regulated Marriages

       Carrie Chapman Catt and her National League of Women Voters in 1924 cited as part of their goals for the year the amendment to the US Constitution to allow Congress the power to dictate who people could and could not marry, and also they wanted to institute the forced sterilization of people they saw as unfit to breed which is once again the act of forcing people to get their tubes tied at gunpoint.

After people like her demanded the Government be given the power to oversee reproduction Eugenics laws were instituted all throughout the US and thousands of women and men had their ability to have children taken away from them. She was a prominent suffragist hero and instrumental in getting the movement going. These are the roots of organized women's movement's intimate relationship with increasing Government control over the individual, men and women included.

And she was a racist herself like many of the prominent suffragists of the day, as we have previously revealed in an older article:

Prominent Suffragists Received Funds From Pro-Slavery Democrats and Were Openly Racists.

Suffragist Jane Addams Endorsed Eugenics in 1913

        Suffragist Jane Addams says that eugenics based marriages are one of the most important issues of the day and that she favors strict eugenics laws. If you aren't familiar with eugenics laws she basically means she believes the state Government should be given the power to force women to get their tubes tied at gunpoint. This is the same ideology Hitler was rightfully labeled a demon for implementing.

Here is her bio on the Nobel Prize website where they praise her as a feminist hero:

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

NOW Demands Access to Program Geared to Fathers

         During the Bush administration, National Organization for Women opposed the " Responsible Fatherhood Initiative" which the government would grant to help fathers to gain job skills and still be part of children's lives. NOW went out of their way and getting their way in destroying programs to help fathers and being hostile to the nuclear family. Here's a refresher for you and this is just the tip of the iceberg. From The Washington Post:

"It's called the Promoting Responsible Fatherhood Initiative, and the Bush administration doles out up to $50 million annually to fund its programs to build job skills and help fathers connect better with their children. But the National Organization for Women says the effort is illegal because it's only about men.

NOW and Legal Momentum, another advocacy group, filed complaints yesterday with the Department of Health and Human Services alleging sex discrimination in the initiative that is funding about 100 programs this year.
Administration officials and grant recipients say the challenge is misguided. The programs may target men, they say, but helping men become better fathers will benefit women and children, too. Moreover, HHS officials say they have told grant recipients they must open their fatherhood programs to women.

'If a woman says she wants to apply and it's not happening, we want to know about it,' said Tara Wall, at the Administration for Children and Families, the HHS agency that oversees the grants. 'Yes, fathers are the target group, but at the same time allowing equal access is required.'
Problem solved? Not exactly, said NOW President Kim Gandy: "The proposals they received and funded clearly indicate that they only intend to serve fathers."

This is the seething hatred and jealousy fathers face from the feminist movement and our government just let them get away with it. There are 47 programs for women but NOW wants to accuse ONE program for men of discrimination for not including women? When did they ever have a single female oriented program to include men or boys?

The Heart Truth

National Women’s Health Week

National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

National Community Centers of Excellence in Women’s Health

HIV Prevention Programs for Women

Office on Women’s Health at CDC

African American Women and Mass Media (AAMM) Campaign

The WISEWOMAN program

The Office of Research on Women’s Health

Advancing Novel Science in Women’s Health Research (ANSWHR) Exploratory/Developmental Research Grants

Specialized Centers of Research on Sex and Gender Factors Affecting Women’s Health

Building Interdisciplinary Research Careers in Women’s Health

US Food and Drug Administration Office of Women’s Health (FDA)

Women-Owned Small Businesses (U.S Small Business Association)

US Food and Drug Administration – For Women FDA

Targeting Obesity in Young Women to Prevent the Development of Type II Diabetes (Federal Grant Program)

HRSA Office of Women’s Health (U.S Department of Health and Human Services)

Women and Girls Initiative (Environmental Protection Agency)

Women Outreach Program (U.S Department of Agriculture)

Girl’s Health

Center for Women Veterans

Women Veterans Health Care

Women Veterans Program Minnesota

Women Veterans Program Massachusetts

White House Council for Women and Girls

White House Interagency Council on Women and Girls

Women’s Educational Equity Act


NASA Aspire to Inspire


Clean Energy Education and Empowerment “C-3E” Women’s Initiative (Department of Energy)

ADVANCE: Increasing the Participation and Advancement of Women in Academic Science and Engineering Careers (National Science Foundation)

Administration on Aging (AoA) National Education and Resource Center on Women and Retirement Planning (US Department of Health and Human Services)

U.S Department of Labor Women’s Bureau

Women in Apprenticeship and Nontraditional Occupations Act (WANTO)

Green Jobs for Women

Office on Violence Against Women

Violence Against Women Grant Programs

Enhanced Training and Services to End Violence and Abuse of Women Later in Life

Education, Training and Enhanced Services to End Violence Against and Abuse of Women with Disabilities Grant Program

NYC Women’s Health

Illinois Women’s Healthcare Portal

Women, Infants and Children(WIC)

Free Women’s Self Defense Program Virginia

Women’s Way North Dakota

Office of Women’s Health Arizona

USAID Women’s Empowerment

Only 8% of American Women Wanted to Vote in 1913

    Female anti-suffragists report that only 8% of women actually wanted the right to vote during the day s women's suffrage in 1913. They are then enthusiastically applauded by the women on the street.

This is the women's history gender studies professors aren't teaching young women.


The Feminist-Controlled UN and Canadian Government Refuse to Include Native men in Indigenous Aid program

The Canadian Government has officially denied a proposal for including Native men in a program to investigate ways to help indigenous women. Quote:

"The federal government should not study the alarming rate of violence against aboriginal men as part of its upcoming national inquiry into Canada’s missing and murdered indigenous women, international human-rights experts caution, saying that doing so would confuse the issue...

Aboriginal people are six times more likely than non-aboriginal people to be homicide victims, according to Statistics Canada data released in the fall. The disproportionality is even more pronounced among indigenous men. That reality has led to some difficult questions about why the public inquiry is slated to focus on women"

The woman in the photo who is quoted in the article opposing the inclusion of men, is a feminist named Barbara Bailey and she was the first regional coordinator for Gender Studies in the Caribbean. Quote:
"Barbara Bailey was the first regional coordinator of the Institute (formerly Centre) for Gender and Development Studies, The UWI between 1995 and 2010."

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Abby Rockefeller was a Radical Marxist Feminist who demonized Male Heterosexuality.

       Abby Rockefeller, member of the powerful Rockefeller family, and daughter of David Rockefeller, was a radical feminist part of the infamous Cell16 , which was a group that advocated for feminist heterosexual separatism. She claimed that male sexuality and desire is rooted in female oppression, and women who enjoy sex with men are internalized misogynists in a interview with Harvard's The Crimson:

"Abby Rockefeller, president of the Cambridge-based corporation Clivus Multrum USA and author of a recent article on sexism in the women's journal More Fun and Games, told the Cambridge Forum last night that differences in male and female sexual desires are the basis of sexism. 
In a panel discussion with Karen Lindsey, columnist for The Boston Phoenix, and Irving Singer '48, professor of philosophy at MIT and author of 'The Goals of Human Sexuality,' Rockefeller said that women are always physically and psychologically vulnerable to male oppression in the form of sexual relations which they do not want. 
'When women agree to this kind of sexual relation, they are being driven to behave in ways which are not good for them and not true to themselves,' Rockefeller said.
She said this causes women to feel a self-loathing which 'throws them back into inferiority in a cyclical pattern.'
Abstinence from sex is preferable to relations which are 'unfriendly and unsafe,' Rockefeller said.
She added that 'celibacy ought to be an honorable option, whereas now it is not.'

And like her family, she also supported Marxism, which points us to more ties of the Feminist movement with Marxism, and before anyone says she was just part of a fringe radical feminist movement, here's a historical source claiming that they were "quintessential", and how they claimed ALL women were oppressed by men, would only talk to female journalists and wanted to destroy the family, private property, the state:

      This woman is wealthy and belongs to one of the most powerful families in the world, which have been funding feminist causes but she's oppressed though.

In Spousal Murder Cases, Husbands are More Likely to be Convicted and Serve Longer Sentences.

      In spousal murder cases the husbands were sent to prison in 81% of the cases, and served an average of 16.5 years but the wives went to prison in only 57% of the cases, and served only 6 years on average in prison. So there's our patriarchal justice system right there:

 Source: Bureau of Justice Statistics: Spouse Murder Defendants in Large Urban Counties

The Origins of Bias Against Boys in School

       We are aware that today, the education is heavily biased in favor of girls, at the expense of boys. But not many people know that the the landmark case in 1989 where feminists sued the State Education Department for discrimination because scholarships were based on SAT scores and boys scored higher than girls so they determined this was a form of sexism against females because it was "unclear" why boys scored higher on the SATs than girls so it was a violation of constitutional rights. The case subsequently resulted in the criteria for scholarships to based on factors other than SAT test scores and thus the number of boys getting scholarships dropped 50% almost immediately. From The New York Times:

"New York State's method of awarding merit scholarships to high school students on the basis of their scores on Scholastic Aptitude Tests discriminates against girls, a Federal judge in Manhattan ruled yesterday. He ordered the state to change its selection process.
In a preliminary ruling, Federal Judge John M. Walker said the state's exclusive use of S.A.T. scores to award Empire and Regents Scholarships violated the equal protection clause of the Federal Constitution.
The lawsuit was filed last October by two organizations, the Girls Clubs of America and the National Organization for Women, and by 10 New York high school girls.
It challenged the State Education Department's plan to revert to using only the S.A.T. to determine eligibility for the state scholarships. For 10 years until last year, that was the sole criterion in New York."

There you have it, there's the National Organization for Women veering its ugly head to make sure women and girls have "more equality" than men and boys.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Nazi Women Were Just As Evil as Nazi Men

       Despite what your emasculated, domesticated male history and gender studies professors told you, Nazi women were just as evil and committed many atrocious acts in service of the Third Reich. And there were more women employed by the private and military sector during war time than in peace times. So much for misogyny.                        

 The Telegraph reports:

"In Nazi art, films and magazines, women were always portrayed as the fairer sex, fighting on the home-front as their menfolk fought on the battlefields.

Adolf Hitler awarded them gold crosses for rearing children and honoured their role as wives and mothers - a soft image that was rarely questioned after the war.

But a new book by the historian Kathrin Kompisch has revealed a very different reality.

'Apart from a few particularly cruel examples, the participation of women in the crimes of the Nazis has been blended out of the collective conscious of the Germans for a long time,' she wrote in the book, Female Perpetrators: Women under National Socialism.

Many women were in fact used as assistants to the doctors who sterilised and murdered disabled people and as guards in the concentration camps - like the character played by Kate Winslet in her Oscar nominated role in the film The Reader.

'The history of National Socialism has long been reduced to one that blamed men for everything,' said Ms Kompisch. 'This was and is the popular picture
.' The true picture was very different.
'Women typed the statistics of the murdered victims of the SS Action Squads in the east, operated the radios which called up for more bullets, were invariably the secretaries - and sometimes much more - in all the Gestapo posts,' she said. 
'And at the end of the war they tried to diminish their responsibility by saying they were just cogs in the all-male machine which gave the orders.' 

Analysing pre and post-war statistics, Ms Kompisch found there were more government, private sector and military jobs to be had for women under Hitler than in peacetime.
The high-testosterone, all-male hierarchy of the Nazi state blocked out women from leadership positions from the very start, but the regime actively encouraged female participation in enforcing the Nazi terror at grassroots levels.
Most 'Blockwaerts'- apartment house snoops who reported on un-Nazi activities to the party - were women, who denounced their neighbours to the Gestapo if they suspected them of being ideologically unsound or Jewish. 
The surviving files of the Gestapo in the city of Duesseldorf noted that women 'try to change the power balance of the household by denouncing their husbands as spies or Communists or anti-Nazis.' 'Lower-middle or working-class urban women tended to be the ones who filed reports with the Gestapo, and such reports were most likely to lead to the persecution of the denounced party if he was a member of a group considered racially inferior, like the Poles,' said Ms Kompisch. 
Some 3,200 women served in the concentration camps. Female guards were generally low-to-middle class and had little or no work experience, although SS records show that some were matrons, hairdressers, tram conductors or retired teachers."

      In a New York Times article titled, "Nazism’s Feminine Side, Brutal and Murderous ‘Hitler’s Furies,’ by Wendy Lower, Examines German Women", the author the book discusses how many infamous women who rose to high positions due to their brutality, specially in concentration camps:
"Earlier books about the Holocaust have offered up poster girls of brutality and atrocity, figures like Ilse Koch, the so-called Bitch of Buchenwald, and Gertrud Scholtz-Klink, the highest-ranking woman in the Nazi Party. 
Ms. Lower’s revisionist insight is to track more mundane lives, and to argue for a vastly wider complicity. She follows more than a dozen German women — nurses, secretaries, schoolteachers, wives of SS officers — who stand in for an estimated 500,000 German women who went into the occupied East and thus undeniably stood, the author argues, in the killing fields. 
'The role of German women in Hitler’s war can no longer be understood as their mobilization and victimization on the home front,' Ms. Lower says. 'Instead, Hitler’s Germany produced another kind of female character at war, an expression of female activism and patriotism of the most violent and perverse kind.' 
Or, as she puts it more memorably, about SS wives who became perpetrators: 'These women displayed a capacity to kill while also acting out a combination of roles: plantation mistress; prairie Madonna in apron-covered dress lording over slave laborers; infant-carrying, gun-wielding hausfrau.' 
Ms. Lower is a history professor at Claremont McKenna College, a consultant for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and the author or co-author of several previous books about Nazi activities in places like Ukraine. 'Hitler’s Furies' has been placed on the long list for this year’s National Book Award in nonfiction. 
Some of the women she follows were aides to so-called desk murderers, eagerly assisting their bosses. Others took part in the humiliation of Jews, or plundered their goods. Still others shot them from balconies or in forests. One smashed in a Jewish toddler’s head. Even those who did not directly take part in the killing of Jews, she says, could not claim ignorance about was going on. They were passive bystanders. 
The last chapters of 'Hitler’s Furies' are infuriating and sickening for different reasons. Ms. Lower explores these women’s experiences after the war. Most simply slipped back into civilian life. Few of these hundreds of thousands of German women were prosecuted, and even fewer were punished. 
“What happened to them?” Ms. Lower asks. “The short answer is that most got away with murder.'"
     Seems to me that Nazi women were in some ways more fanatical about their bigotry than men. They loved the Nazi regime so much that they were snitching on anyone who sounded like they had a different accent or even their own husbands for holding opposing political views as ways to control their own men. Women played vital roles in carrying out genocidal orders and some became some of the highest ranking women during World War 2.

This is the history that has been purposefully left out of your history books. That's the power of gynocentric historical whitewashing.

Betty Friedan Insulted by Fellow Feminists for Suggesting Misandric CIA and FBI Take Over

      Betty Friedan, after becoming more than "yesterday's news" inside the feminist movement, went on attack mode on her sisters and implied that her beloved second wave feminism was being taken over by radical, man-hating feminists in conspiracy with the CIA and the FBI:

Betty Friedan The Mother of Second Wave Feminism and Says Movement Was in Danger of Being Taken Over by Female Bigots 1972

All which only garnished the ire of her sisters with insults:

Source:  Betty Friedan is Insulted by Feminists for Saying the Movement Was Being Taken Over by CIA and Men Haters 1973

     And we know that Betty was being dishonest here, considering she was a devout communist herself (which the CIA supported), and she invited all those above to her movement during its earlier days.

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