Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Abby Rockefeller was a Radical Marxist Feminist who demonized Male Heterosexuality.

       Abby Rockefeller, member of the powerful Rockefeller family, and daughter of David Rockefeller, was a radical feminist part of the infamous Cell16 , which was a group that advocated for feminist heterosexual separatism. She claimed that male sexuality and desire is rooted in female oppression, and women who enjoy sex with men are internalized misogynists in a interview with Harvard's The Crimson:

"Abby Rockefeller, president of the Cambridge-based corporation Clivus Multrum USA and author of a recent article on sexism in the women's journal More Fun and Games, told the Cambridge Forum last night that differences in male and female sexual desires are the basis of sexism. 
In a panel discussion with Karen Lindsey, columnist for The Boston Phoenix, and Irving Singer '48, professor of philosophy at MIT and author of 'The Goals of Human Sexuality,' Rockefeller said that women are always physically and psychologically vulnerable to male oppression in the form of sexual relations which they do not want. 
'When women agree to this kind of sexual relation, they are being driven to behave in ways which are not good for them and not true to themselves,' Rockefeller said.
She said this causes women to feel a self-loathing which 'throws them back into inferiority in a cyclical pattern.'
Abstinence from sex is preferable to relations which are 'unfriendly and unsafe,' Rockefeller said.
She added that 'celibacy ought to be an honorable option, whereas now it is not.'

And like her family, she also supported Marxism, which points us to more ties of the Feminist movement with Marxism, and before anyone says she was just part of a fringe radical feminist movement, here's a historical source claiming that they were "quintessential", and how they claimed ALL women were oppressed by men, would only talk to female journalists and wanted to destroy the family, private property, the state:

      This woman is wealthy and belongs to one of the most powerful families in the world, which have been funding feminist causes but she's oppressed though.

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