Monday, February 8, 2016

Feminists Call for Reduction in the Male Population Via a Male-Specific Virus

In a recent article, Feminist Current  blamed masculinity for pretty much every problem the human species has faced since the dawn of time and hoped for a male-specific virus to kill men and reduce the male population. THIS IS THE FEMINIST MOVEMENT OPENLY CALLING FOR A REDUCTION OF THE MALE POPULATION.


"Men are experiencing karma. Women, on the other hand, are experiencing toxic masculinity — something that has been actively destroying the world since our first human ancestors, standing upon two legs, started walking around Africa...
What can be done? Well, I’ve decided the Earth needs a Mandemic. The human herd must be culled, and it’s time for buck season....
There could be a virus that causes gene mutations in men that rewrites their DNA. Then, when men have sex with women, they are drained of their DNA, “where it is then implanted into females, causing the death of the males....
Most women have some men in their lives that they dearly love. There are tons of wonderful men! So sure, it will be sad and tragic when the Mandemic rages with the fire of a thousand suns and randomly selects enough male victims to disrupt the current power structure around the world. This will be necessary to create an opening for women to become equal — maybe even dominant. But isn’t our only hope the removal of excessive male humans from the continents?"

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