Friday, February 5, 2016

Ti-Grace Atkinson Suggested Men are Biologically Flawed and have to be Eliminated

      Ti Grace Atkinson who was very influential in second wave feminism and a gathering of feminists in April 1969 talked about how men were possibly all biologically flawed and might need to be eliminated from society because our biology made us cannibals:

"Because women have been taught to believe that men have protective feelings
towards women (men have protective feelings towards their functions (property) not other human beings, we women are shocked by these discoveries and ask
ourselves why men took and continue to take advantage of us.

Some people say that men are naturally or biologically, aggressive. But this leaves us at an impasse. If the values of society are power oriented, there is no chance that
men would agree to be medicated into an humane state. The other alternative that
has been suggested is to eliminate men as biologically incapable of humane
relationships and therefore a menace to society.
I can sympathize with the frustration and rage that leads to this suggestion, but the proposal as I understand it is that men constitute a social disease and that by "men" is meant those individuals with certain typical genital characteristics.

These genital characteristics are held to determine the organism in every biochemical respect thus determining the psychic structure as well. It may be that as in other
mental derangement, and I do believe that men behave in a mentally deranged manner towards women... 
I think that the need men have for the role of oppressor is the source
and foundation of all human oppression: they suffer from a disease peculiar
to Mankind which I call 'Metaphysical Cannibalism' and men must at the very
least cooperate in curing themselves."

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