Monday, February 1, 2016

Betty Friedan Insulted by Fellow Feminists for Suggesting Misandric CIA and FBI Take Over

      Betty Friedan, after becoming more than "yesterday's news" inside the feminist movement, went on attack mode on her sisters and implied that her beloved second wave feminism was being taken over by radical, man-hating feminists in conspiracy with the CIA and the FBI:

Betty Friedan The Mother of Second Wave Feminism and Says Movement Was in Danger of Being Taken Over by Female Bigots 1972

All which only garnished the ire of her sisters with insults:

Source:  Betty Friedan is Insulted by Feminists for Saying the Movement Was Being Taken Over by CIA and Men Haters 1973

     And we know that Betty was being dishonest here, considering she was a devout communist herself (which the CIA supported), and she invited all those above to her movement during its earlier days.

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