Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Feminist-Controlled UN and Canadian Government Refuse to Include Native men in Indigenous Aid program

The Canadian Government has officially denied a proposal for including Native men in a program to investigate ways to help indigenous women. Quote:

"The federal government should not study the alarming rate of violence against aboriginal men as part of its upcoming national inquiry into Canada’s missing and murdered indigenous women, international human-rights experts caution, saying that doing so would confuse the issue...

Aboriginal people are six times more likely than non-aboriginal people to be homicide victims, according to Statistics Canada data released in the fall. The disproportionality is even more pronounced among indigenous men. That reality has led to some difficult questions about why the public inquiry is slated to focus on women"

The woman in the photo who is quoted in the article opposing the inclusion of men, is a feminist named Barbara Bailey and she was the first regional coordinator for Gender Studies in the Caribbean. Quote:
"Barbara Bailey was the first regional coordinator of the Institute (formerly Centre) for Gender and Development Studies, The UWI between 1995 and 2010."

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