Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Jian Ghomeshi's Lawyer, Marie Henein Defeated the Biased Media Smear-Campaign Effortlessly

Jian Ghomeshi's Lawyer, Marie Henein, did an interview with the CBC where she was asked a set of very dishonest, loaded questions. She refuted the illogical, irrational, emotion-based arguments gracefully and defended the presumption of innocence in rape cases like a true champion. Standing up to these feminist lynch-mobs takes some courage and we see that on full display in this video.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Men Could Suffer Death Sentence for Rape During the Colonial Days

     During the days where feminists in the US love to claim men had all the power and controlled women like slaves, rape laws during the 1600's state that men could suffer the death penalty if found guilty of rape. Here's a source from the University of Virginia titled, "Sexual Misconduct in Plymouth Colony":
"Based on these cases, one can assume that the people of Plymouth operated under an unwritten code of moral conduct before 1636. The new laws embodied this code, and distinguished between capital and criminal sexual offences. 'Sodomy, rapes, and buggery"'were declared "capital offences lyable to death" (PCR 11:12)."

Interesting that the almighty patriarchy would kill men for raping the so-called second class citizens.