Thursday, December 31, 2015

NOW Opposed "Father's Count" Bill

        The largest feminist organization in the United States, The National Organization for Women opposed the Father's Count Bill that was designed to help poor fathers find employment so they could pay child support and to reunite them with their children. 

        Here in their statement  you can see they were motivated to oppose this bill simply because mothers were not being handed money as a result of the bill. Also they opposed it because of their rivalry with Republicans, and labeled all single fathers as "deadbeat dads".

This is how spiteful and harmful to families the feminist movement has been historically and demonstrates clearly why we call them a hate movement.

One or two "good feminists" cannot rectify the damage that has been done to so many children being deprived of their fathers out of spite.

They were so hellbent on destroying this bill, that they followed to make multiple posts even calling the action to counter it an ""Urgent Action Alert"":

Society's Delusion of a Female Led Utopia

          The media is getting the public ready to have the first female US president by declaring in many instances that if we had more women in power, the world would be a better place. An article from the BBC reports:
"Studies also show that women also lead differently than men. They're more likely to be collaborative, inclusive and team-oriented, all characteristics that tend to be effective, particularly in today's less-hierarchical, fast-paced, innovation-driven world. 
'I think it's fair to say that women are a little more collaborative in their approach overall, and a little less driven to conflict as opposed to driven to working out problems,"'says Janet Napolitano, the US Secretary of Homeland Security. 
Mary Robinson, the former president of Ireland, says that women also bring an inter-generational perspective to their work. 'We need to take decisions now that will make for a safer world for our grandchildren and their grandchildren, and I think women are more likely to do that when they come into positions of leadership.' "
          These are easy assertions to make when the public ignores female violence and female leadership when it comes to war times. But history can tell us otherwise, it can give us better perspective to female leadership when we analyze brutal war times in human history. A very telling study investigates female rulers from since the 15th century to the 20th century. The study called Queens let us know that this concept of female perpetual benevolence is a downright myth:

           Dube and Harish, the authors of the study, spent two and a half years collecting data on kings, queens, and wars in Europe between 1480 and 1913, according to the report by PS Magazine, covering 184 monarchs—28 of them queens—in 17 different polities. Contrary to the popular view, queens were 27 percent more likely to get involved in wars. In fact, they were more likely than kings to either start wars or continue those of their predecessors, but no more likely to be involved in civil wars, suggesting that they weren't fighting to dispel external or internal perceptions of weakness.

And while this study focuses on a time period from the 15th to 20th centuries, here in the 21st, we can get a glimpse of female brutality by all-female ISIS brigades who are killing women and torturing them. 

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Mothers More Abusive Than Fathers, Boys Comprise Most Infanticide Victims

We recently posted a video by CARE Norway about a feminist bashing men and boys supposedly on behalf of girls. In that video, men and boys are portrayed as eventual criminals and misogynists by virtue of being male. The video particularly emphasizes physical and sexual abuse by fathers and boys.

But in western nations like the U.S. the statistics on child abuse and infanticide by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Administration for Children and Families Administration on Children, Youth and Families Children’s Bureau, demonstrate that mothers comprise over two-thirds of child abusers and most of the child murderers of their own children.

Immediately, we are informed that boys have higher mortality rates than girls:

More from the data table:                                

Mothers-only (particularly single mothers), committed double the rate of child homicide compared to fathers-only. Mothers and other non-parent adult households reported 7.8 times higher rates of child murder compared to fathers and other non-parent adult households:   


Mothers (specifically single mothers) committed twice the rate of child abuse compared to fathers. 


It's also interesting to note, that households that had mothers and fathers together, had an almost two-times lower rate of child abuse compared to households with mothers-only. This contradicts a claim by organizations like the UN about father-led households being more violent against children. 

Girls and boys show similar rates of child abuse:                               


Addendum: Now feminists have to explain how in a patriarchal system, that was supposedly designed to benefit men and boys at the expense of women and girls, do women kill more boys than girls, and abuse girls more often than boys but still serve lighter sentences in prison. 

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

GQ Calls Men's Rights Activists Cave Dwelling Idiots

GQ Magazine, a magazine that is supposed to be for and about men, is bashing men's rights activists and painting them as a bunch of men who hate women. This is part of a concerted effort by the media to demonize activists who are demanding that fathers be given the same parental rights as mothers and that men simply be treated fairly under the law. Quote:
"The Men's Rights Movement begins and ends with the argument that there is no pre-existing imbalance between the rights of men and women, or that if there is any injustice it is an imbalance which prejudices men. This is dressed up in any number of concerns, some of which might seem entirely sensible, but which cumulatively amount to an activism which is hostile to women."

To contact GQ with concerns about this article use this email:

Young White Men Are Officially the Most Hated Demographic in the UK

After decades of being blamed for every societal problem imaginable, young white men are officially the most hated demographic of people in the UK. The media has been extremely successful in bashing these men and the public has fallen for the propaganda. Quote:
YouGov explored attitudes to 48 different groups, examining different combinations of ethnic, religious and national background, age brackets and genders.
White men in their 20s have the worst reputation, out of all 48 groups, for drunkenness, sleeping around, work and politeness. They also have the joint worst score"

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Dear Daddy Video Turns Boys and Men into Pre-criminals

The Independent recently promoted a video in which a girl who isn't even born yet is whining about pre-victimhood, pre-misogyny and pre-rape. The males in the video are guilty before they even commit the crime. She predicts that she will be a victim of rape and verbal abuse by boys and that her father will be complicit in the rape.
They flash pictures of boys in the video just to drive home the image of these pre-criminals. This is by far the most anti-male video we've seen the past 6 months. I am quoting from the video below, these are the words the unborn girl is speaking to her father:
"But I need to ask you a favor, warning, it's about boys. Because, you see, I will be born a girl, which means, by the time I'm 14, the boys in my class will have called me a whore, a bitch, a cunt and many other things, it's just for fun of course, something boys do, so you won't worry and I understand that. Perhaps you did the same when you were young...
[B]y by the time I turn 16, a couple of the boys would have snuck their hands down my pants while I’m so drunk I can’t even stand straight. No wonder I’m raped when I’m 21. 21 and on my way home in a taxi driven by the son of a guy you went swimming with every Wednesday"

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Canadian Society's Indifference Towards Men

      Canadian men, like American men, are suffering through an economic recession, biased divorce courts, child support, alimony and custody inequality. Despite all that, the Canadian media is baffled as to why the suicide rate for men (specially in their middle age), is in all times high.

       The CBC, in a mind-mindbogglingly and dishonest article, admits that men in their 50's have the highest suicide rate but they can't tell you why, even though they let us know that it's no
t just one factor that contributes to men committing suicide:
"Men take their own lives at about four times the rate women do, a number the Movember Foundation highlights this month in its campaign around men's mental health. 
In Canada and the U.S., the highest suicide rates are among men in their 50s (except for men over 75 in the U.S.).
But we're not sure why.
There's rarely just one factor that explains an individual suicide, and that's likely so for suicide rates."
       Then article then makes the condescending and sexist assumption that these privileged men shouldn't be like that in their 50's:
"For Vancouver psychologist Dan Bilsker, what's striking is how little we really understand about why the numbers peak when men are in their 50s. 'It doesn't fit previous models of things driving suicidal behaviour.' 
In those models, by their 50s, men should 'be feeling more in control of their lives, have worked out a lot of issues, be coping pretty well,' he says. After all, most of them are working, they've had jobs, relationships, children, life experiences. So the high suicide rate "raises a more disturbing model."
So the assumption was that men in their 50's benefited a lot from having jobs, relationships, children, life experiences, and thus it went against their unscientific prediction "models" for men to have such a high rate of suicidality. A quick glance at the data about the average Canadian man's lifestyle, gives a lot of insight to what's contributing to the deep feelings of hopelessness.

For Starters, the unemployment rate between men and women are unequal;  withmen having higher unemployment since the 1980's and a decreasing labor force participation rate. The Statistics Canada government website is our source:

  • Since 1990, the unemployment rate for women has been consistently lower than that for men. On average in 2007, the unemployment rate for women was 5.6%, while the rate for men was 6.4%. In contrast, from the mid 1970s to the late 1980s, the unemployment rate for men was usually below that for women. The only exception to this trend was in the early 1980s, when the recession affected considerably more men than women.
  • While participation in the labour market among women has increased over the past three decades, the rate for men has decreased slightly throughout much of the same period. In 2007, the participation rate among women was 62.7%, 17.0 percentage points higher than in 1976. In contrast, the participation rate among men in 2007 (72.7%) remained below the peak reached in 1981 (78.4%).

Another interesting piece of data is the fact that divorcees are more likely to commit suicide compared to married couples:

Following divorce, men spend less time with their children, are less likely to obtain primary custody, and pay most alimony and child support according to Statistics Canada:
"In 2011, seven in ten separated or divorced parents indicated that the child lived primarily with his or her mother. Another 15% indicated that the child mainly lived with the father, while 9% reported equal living time between the two parents’ homes.
Living arrangements are closely linked to questions of access or contact, that is, how much time parents spend with their child.Note10 Spending time with the child can include short visits, weekend stays, or longer stretches of time. 
Among non-resident parents, defined here as parents whose child lived primarily with their ex-partner, most spent less than three months a year with their child.Note11 Specifically, 18% of non-resident parents indicated that they did not spend any time with their child within the last year, and 44% stated that they spent some time but less than 3 months. These parents were most often fathers, owing to the fact that they were more likely to be non-resident parents.
In 2011, almost two-thirds (64%) of non-resident parents reported that they were currently paying child support, most of whom were fathers (92%). Payments of child support were also reported by 19% of parents whose child spent equal amounts of time with them and the other parent. On the other hand, child support was received by 41% of resident parents. Of these recipients, 93% were mothers."

Here are the alimony statistics showing that single mothers and divorced women were the biggest recipients of alimony, thus giving men more lifestyle hardships:
"Statistics Canada's Survey of Labour and Income Dynamics (SLID) is another source of information on family income and sources of income.[4] Among other things, it provides national data on single mother families receiving social assistance and support payments as a source of income. 
According to this survey, 20 percent of social assistance recipients were single parents (male and female) in 1994. Single mothers accounted for over 90 percent of custodial parents receiving social assistance and almost one-half (48 percent) of female single parents received social assistance. 
Nationally, 72 percent of single mothers with a child under five years old received social assistance and two-thirds of single mothers receiving social assistance had at least one child under ten. 
The SLID also provides data on alimony as a source of income. In 1994, female single parents (with all children under the age of 25) accounted for about one-half of all alimony recipients. Another 28 percent of alimony recipients (almost all women) were married or in a common-law relationship and had children under the age of 25. Approximately one-third of alimony recipients also received social assistance. Of these, at least 75 percent were single mothers. 
Almost half (47 percent) of single mothers who received alimony also received social assistance for at least part of the year. Only one-quarter of all single mothers received alimony and this proportion does not appear to be much different for single mothers who received social assistance. 
The proportion of single mothers who received alimony increases to about 31 percent if only "separated and divorced" single mothers are considered (that is, excluding the "single never-married" and "widowed" mothers). 
Interestingly, single mothers with two or more children are somewhat more likely to receive alimony and in larger amounts than mothers with only one child. The likelihood of single mothers receiving alimony does not appear to vary significantly by the mothers' levels of education, except that mothers with a post-secondary degree or certificate receive higher amounts."
Children are increasingly suffering from depression and suicidal tendencies for not having access to their father. One can assume this contributes to the stress level fathers already suffer. For instance, American men have stated that loss of access to their family by alienation is a heavy contributor to suicide:   


Source: Childhood experiences of loss and suicide attempts: significance in depressive states of major depressed and dysthymic or adjustment disordered patients.

Feminists were at the forefront of defending mothers who alienated children from fathers, using the pretense that the fathers who wanted access to their children were abusive, yet they offered no evidence to back up their claims. Quote from The Globe and Mail:

"Many feminists dismiss alienation as a claim fabricated by abusive fathers to maintain contact with children who are terrified of them, and control over the lives of their abused former partners."

Yet a study called Parental Alienation - Myths, Realities & Uncertainties: A Canadian Study, concluded that mothers were twice as likely to alienate children from their fathers:

Feminists, the Canadian media and the psychological establishment cannot, for the life of them, not explain why men commit suicide the most, when accounting for the disadvantages they face in Canadian society? Isn't this a bit suspicious? 

Monday, December 7, 2015

Despite Women Outliving Men, Women are Allowed to Retire Earlier in 45% of Countries Listed

One issue that's often overlooked when it comes to gender discrimination is retirement age. In roughly 45% of the countries listed(34 out of the 75 countries), women are allowed to retire and receive a pension earlier than men despite women outliving men in virtually every nation on planet earth. Another interesting thing is the amount of Muslim countries listed that allow women to retire earlier than men.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Despite Being the Most Privileged Class, Women Still Live With Parents Like in the 1940's.

One of the goals of women's liberation, was to make sure women were free from the supposed constraints that the patriarchal nuclear families oppressed them with while inside their parents' home; where the father is seen as the ultimate authority by feminists- who wanted to economically and socially liberate women in order so to provide for themselves. 

Women are the majority of voters, hold two-thirds of the national wealth, have affirmative action in favor of them over men. are majority of college graduates, recipients of alimony and child support; and also have over 40 federal programs to make sure they get a leg up.

Despite all that, women are still living with their parents just like they did in the 1940's, when women were apparently in "comfortable concentration camps" shackled by either their fathers or husbands.

The data from Pew Research gives us the evidence of such returning trend:

We can see that the trend is slightly greater for modern women to live with parents by 0.2% more compared to women in the 1940's; while the male percentage of living with parents went down by over 5%, despite men being overwhelmingly disadvantaged in today's society.

Men were a higher percentage living with their parents overall simply because women get married more while at younger ages than men, hence being provided a home outside their parents'. Here is a report from the late 1800's giving us the statistics from the time from the The Sentinel Almanac and Book of Facts:

And the Bureau of Labor Statistics confirms that this trend continued in the 1940's:

And back to the Pew Research data, the evidence shows that women went from being 5% since the 1960's to attend college, to 27%.

Women in general need to have a serious talk with the leaders of the feminist movement, because personally, I can smell a con when it comes my way.

The Feminization and Emasculation of the Modern Man.

 Male babies, when in contact with female hormones (estrogen, ethinyl estradiol, diethylstilbestrolbisphenol), or when mothers have obesity, eating, drinking and smoking issues during gestation period, run risks of having low sperm counts, testosterone deficiency, cancers, cryptorchidism, hypospadias, fertility issues during their lives, and smaller penises.

In a study titled "Mal-Development of the Penis and Loss of Fertility in Male Rats Treated Neonatally with Female Contraceptive 17a-Ethinyl Estradiol: A Dose-Response Study and a Comparative Study with a Known Estrogenic Teratogen Diethylstilbestrol",  we can read in detail how some of those findings are reported:

In an interview by The Independent ,  scientists tell us that the habit and lifestyle of mothers are to blame for the low sperm counts afflicting modern men, compared to men from 70 years ago:

'There is now an emerging consensus among some experts that whatever it is that is exacerbating the problems of male infertility, it probably starts in the womb. It is not the lifestyle of men that is problem, but that of their mothers.
For example, men whose pregnant mothers were exposed to high levels of toxic dioxins as a result of the 1976 industrial accident in Seveso, Italy have been found to have lower-than-average sperm counts. But men exposed to dioxins in adulthood showed no such effect. Another study found women who ate large amounts of beef during pregnancy, a diet rich in potentially damaging chemicals called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), had sons with relatively low sperm counts. But eating beef as an adult man shows no similar impact.
One of the strongest pieces of evidence in support of this idea comes from studies of people who smoke. A man who smokes typically reduces his sperm count by a modest 15 per cent or so, which is probably reversible if he quits. However, a man whose mother smoked during pregnancy has a fairly dramatic decrease in sperm counts of up to 40 per cent – which also tends to be irreversible.
This is proving tricky. Obesity, for instance, is a growing problem and it has been linked with reproductive problems in both men and women. One study has also indicated that overweight pregnant women tend to produce sons with poor semen quality.'

A 2006 report on male infertility by sciencenews informs that women who drink while pregnant are heavy contributors to male infertility:

In Men's Health magazine, we learn the story of Army vet James Price who by consuming soy (which contains hormones that mimic estrogen), developed rather feminine traits such as enlarged breasts and being sensitive and too emotional. In the same article studies are offered to explain that his soy consumption causes men to have such issues as he was having:
'James Price's breasts had been painful and swollen. It looked as if gum balls were implanted underneath each nipple. The slightest touch triggered throbs.
For Price, a retired U.S. Army intelligence officer who once flew attack helicopters in Vietnam, these changes were more than just physically uncomfortable. "Men aren't supposed to have breasts," he says today in a quiet Texas drawl. "It was like my body was feminizing."

A lean and wiry man, the breast development stood in stark contrast to the rest of his body. But it was not Price's only symptom. His beard growth had slowed, he'd lost hair from his arms, chest, and legs, and he'd stopped waking up with morning erections. "My sexual desire disappeared," he says. "My penis—I won't say it atrophied, but it was so flaccid that it looked very small in comparison with the way it used to be. Even my emotions changed."
 Mood swings and a decrease in libido are not unusual companions to bereavement. But Price had a nagging sense that something was off. "I was becoming much more sentimental," he recalls, describing his emotions as almost feminine. "I'd break out and cry at a sad movie, that kind of thing. It just wasn't like me."
In a Harvard study published last year in the journal Human Reproduction, Jorge E. Chavarro, M.D., Sc.D., and his colleagues found a strong association between men's consumption of soy foods and decreased sperm counts. Ninety-nine men reported their intake of 15 different soy-based foods, then underwent semen analysis. Those in the highest category of daily soy intake averaged 32 percent fewer sperm per milliliter of ejaculate than those who went sans soy.

What's more, studies of these phytoestrogens in leading peer-reviewed medical journals suggest that even lower doses—such as the amount in the 25-gram soy protein target cited by the FDA—have the potential to wreak hormonal havoc.

Addendum:  One more thing that has been catching my attention lately; men with feminized hips. These are the males who have wide hips, making them pear-shaped. The width of their hips causes them to walk with a swishy waddle. My take is that the sons of these mothers that are causing their boys to be feminized by either hormones or bad habits, are passing down their dysfunctions to their male descendants.

If this trend is real, it could be the result of an epigenetic-type alteration being encoded in our own genetic make-up.

Probably not, but worth the speculation. Could multiple environmental estrogenic insults be a factor in changing Western men’s DNA so that they are conceiving males with strangely feminine irregularities?


Feminist were Responsible for Changing Definition of PTSD to Include More Women Than Men

Feminists changed the definition of PTSD(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) because not enough women were being diagnosed as having the disorder.

Due to these changes, women are now more likely to be diagnosed as having PTSD than men.

Of course after getting the definition changed once, they still weren't satisfied have now stretched the definition to include women who claim to have received undesirable comments online. Feminist Melody Hensley claims she got PTSD from "cyber harassment" and that claim was good enough to get her diagnosed as having PTSD.

The screenshots of here boasting about it are taken from here, here, here and here

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Men Are More Confident, Competitive and Less Risk Averse in the Job Market

A study reported by Stanford University suggests that men show more competitive spirit and confidence when compared to women, which could explain why men tend to outperform and out-earn women on average. 

Men were shown to be less risk averse than women:

More details about men being less risk averse than women:

Additionally low-performing men tended to enter the tournament held in the study more than high-performing women:

So do we still blame the invisible patriarchy for women's choices?