Friday, January 27, 2017

The Courts' Stated Policy Were Agaisnt Invasion of Privacy in Domestic Disputes, No Matter Who Was to Blame.

Despite what the feminist movement is telling us and despite what most people believe the courts did not condone violence against women, in fact they regularly intervened when a husband severely abused his wife.

But their stated policy was that they refused to intervene in the privacy of the home for minor physical altercations between husbands and wives REGARDLESS of who the perpetrator was. This is the verdict from a Supreme Court Decision in 1870 from North Carolina. I know this is long-winded but please take the time to read it:

"It will be observed that the ground upon which we have put this decision is not that the husband has the right to whip his wife much or little; but that we will not interfere with family government in trifling cases. We will no more interfere where the husband whips the wife than where the wife whips the husband; and yet we would hardly be supposed to hold that a wife has a right to whip her husband.

We will not inflict upon society the greater evil of raising the curtain upon domestic privacy, to punish the lesser evil of trifling violence. Two boys under fourteen years of age fight upon the playground, and yet the courts will take no notice of it, not for the reason that boys have the right to fight, but because the interests of society require that they should be left to the more appropriate discipline of the school room and of home. It [**10] is not true that boys have a right to fight; nor is it true that a husband has a right to whip his wife."

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Mothers Enjoy Expensive Gifts, Trips While Fathers get Collect Calls on Their Respective Holidays

In the so-called patriarchal society we supposedly live in, mothers get luxurious gifts, phone calls and taken on trips on Mother's Day, while dear old dads get collect calls on their own dime and the children just sit on the couch to watch the game with them on Father's Day:
" 'Dad tends to be more low-maintenance than mom,' says Tracy Mullin, president and CEO of the National Retail Federation, a Washington (D.C.) trade association for retailers. 'While moms love to receive luxury items such as jewelry or a trip to the spa, dads are happy with an afternoon barbecue or watching the ball game without distraction.

It gets better. Children often call dad to send their love but do so on his dime: Father's Day traditionally marks the year's busiest collect-call day for AT&T. And those who remember to send greeting cards do so in significantly smaller numbers. Hallmark sold 152 million Mother's Day cards this year but expects to unload only 95 million for Father's Day. According to BIGresearch, women -- who make the most purchases for either dads or husbands -- tend to head to discount stores to find that perfect gift for dad. Ouch!"

Revealing Study Suggests Circumcision Causes Urethral Stricture Diseases.

The hazards of male genital mutilation is further revealed in a study from Department of Epidemiology Research in Denmark leaves boys and men at higher risks for urethral stricture diseases, urinary tract infections and even damage to bladder or kidney function:

Here are some of the symptom and possible complications from USD:

"Symptoms include:

Abnormal strength and direction of urine stream
Bed wetting
Bleeding (hematuria) at end of urination
Discomfort with urination or straining with urination
Incontinence (day or night)
Visible narrow opening in boys

Possible Complications

Complications may include:

Abnormal urine stream
Blood in the urine
Frequent urination
Painful urination
Urinary incontinence
Urinary tract infections
Damage to bladder or kidney function in severe cases"