Saturday, January 7, 2017

Revealing Study Suggests Circumcision Causes Urethral Stricture Diseases.

The hazards of male genital mutilation is further revealed in a study from Department of Epidemiology Research in Denmark leaves boys and men at higher risks for urethral stricture diseases, urinary tract infections and even damage to bladder or kidney function:

Here are some of the symptom and possible complications from USD:

"Symptoms include:

Abnormal strength and direction of urine stream
Bed wetting
Bleeding (hematuria) at end of urination
Discomfort with urination or straining with urination
Incontinence (day or night)
Visible narrow opening in boys

Possible Complications

Complications may include:

Abnormal urine stream
Blood in the urine
Frequent urination
Painful urination
Urinary incontinence
Urinary tract infections
Damage to bladder or kidney function in severe cases"

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