Thursday, February 4, 2016

Suffragist Carrie Chapman Catt Supported Government Forced Eugenics and State Regulated Marriages

       Carrie Chapman Catt and her National League of Women Voters in 1924 cited as part of their goals for the year the amendment to the US Constitution to allow Congress the power to dictate who people could and could not marry, and also they wanted to institute the forced sterilization of people they saw as unfit to breed which is once again the act of forcing people to get their tubes tied at gunpoint.

After people like her demanded the Government be given the power to oversee reproduction Eugenics laws were instituted all throughout the US and thousands of women and men had their ability to have children taken away from them. She was a prominent suffragist hero and instrumental in getting the movement going. These are the roots of organized women's movement's intimate relationship with increasing Government control over the individual, men and women included.

And she was a racist herself like many of the prominent suffragists of the day, as we have previously revealed in an older article:

Prominent Suffragists Received Funds From Pro-Slavery Democrats and Were Openly Racists.

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