Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Prominent Suffragists Received Funds From Pro-Slavery Democrats and Were Openly Racists.

  In the late 1800's, prominent suffragists Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony along with other suffragists and feminists, disassociated themselves from the Abolitionist movement. Susan B. Anthony openly brags about receiving funds from hardcore racist democrats:

As we can read, the Suffrage movement engaged in immoral political practices devoid of ethical principles. They also adopted blatant racist biases against the Negro, Native Americans, Jews, Irish Catholics and Asians. Other suffragists like Mary Stewart in 1880 gave her testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee and showed her malcontent that blacks had access to the ballot, before white women: " The negroes are a race inferior, you must admit to your daughters, and yet that race has the ballot". Other famous suffragists like Laura Clay and Carrie Chapman Catt, also openly displayed racism towards immigrants, blacks and natives calling their vote "the ignorant foreign vote" and called them biased towards voting for their own ethnicity :

Source: "Social Problems in a Free Society: Myths, Absurdities, and Realities" By Myles J. Kelleher- Pages 252-253

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