Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Betty Friedan's Ties to Radical Left-Wing Communism and Her Blatant Hatred Towards Housewives.

    In a book called" Social Problems in a Free Society: Myths, Absurdities, and Realities" By Myles J. Kelleher, it is revealed that Betty Friedan, mother of second wave feminism, started her career right after college in 1942 for a radical left wing news press called Federated Press:

Friedan lived around UN employees in a previously inhabited neighborhood by her and her family in Manhattan, NY. She hardly did any "housewifery" for more than a quarter of a century before she wrote the famed "Feminine Mystique". Her book was so far-fetched to academics that Alan Wolfe, a sociologist concluded that " the made-up life of Betty Friedan leaves contemporary readers uneasy about whether anything at all in her book can be trusted",
In 1952, she worked for the" largest communist-led institution of any kind in the US" called United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America.

In the same page of the same book, we can find the author directly quoting from Friedan's book, "Feminine Mystique", how she viewed housewives as parasites, schizophrenics and brainwashed; comparing their lifestyles as "comfortable concentration camps" despite her own claim of of being one herself, which was already proven to be a lie by the previous information and her own husband said they hired maids to serve her. You can read for yourself the contempt Friedan held traditional women:

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