Friday, March 6, 2015

An International Study Suggests: Women More Prone to Work Related Jealousy

     A combined research effort in studying gender relations in the workplace by three different universities in Spain, Netherlands and Argentina, has discovered that women tend to feel envy and jealousy towards other women's success but men remained indifferent about it. Here's the Science Daily's report on it:

"A group of researchers from the universities of Valencia, Groningen (the Netherlands) and Palermo (Argentina) have analysed the differences between men and women in their way of feeling envious and jealous at work.

'Women with a high level of intrasexual competition are more jealous if the rival is more attractive and more envious if the rival is more powerful and dominating. They did not get any results in men, as no rival characteristics that provoke jealousy or envy predicted intrasexual competition' Rosario Zurriaga, researcher at the University of Valencia and one of the authors of the study which has been published in the journal Revista de Psicología Social, told SINC.

Intrasexual rivalry is competition with other people of the same sex caused by the desire to obtain and keep access to the opposite sex. Zurriaga, together with researchers at the universities of Groningen (the Netherlands) and Palermo (Argentina) analysed this type of rivalry using questionnaires distributed directly to 200 subjects in their workstations. 
The same study only suggested that men and women are equally jealous or envious towards skills. But the fact remains; men don't feel threatened by female bosses or higher ups.

Here are the results in the PDF format:

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