Thursday, March 5, 2015

Fact: Men are more honest and tolerant about sexual history. Part 2

    Feminism has also stated that male entitlement oppresses women. That male promiscuity is seen as socially acceptable and even admired but female promiscuity is seen as low. They have claimed that society is equally oppressive towards women and their bodies. Here's Everyday Feminism, a very famous feminist page's claims about how men and society treat sexuality by genders:

"It’s embedded in the way promiscuous men are idolized in Bond movies while promiscuous women get called sluts. Every action in our society that overvalues the sexual gratification of men reinforces male sexual entitlement. 

Sexual harassment, street harassment, sexually motivated stalking and slut-shaming are all effects of male sexual entitlement that directly affect women."

Not only is feminism propagading the idea that men are the judges and beneficiaries of female sexual oppression. But sex therapists have come out and advised women to lie by omission to their potential partners about their sexual past, or be dishonest about their numbers of sexual encounters, All under the premise that men will judge your past but not apply the same rules for themselves:

"If you're over 30 and asked how many sex partners to confess to, the correct answer is ten.The reason I know the answer to that question is because every female I know (barring those who married their childhood sweethearts) answers 'ten' whenever they're asked by a partner how many people they've slept with.

People will judge you no matter what answer you give when asked about past lovers and the assumption they make is usually wrong.
Which is why I don't care who's doing the asking – whether it's your partner, mother, best friend or beauty therapist - your answer to how many lovers you've had is no answer.
(The only exceptions: your psychotherapist, gynaecologist or the nice people at the GU clinic who are testing you for STIs).

Keep your mouth zipped even if nothing else has been: by putting a number on your sexual history you're removing the emotion and the circumstances.
And don't kid yourself: if you do blurt out a figure to your boyfriend, you will be judged – and not necessarily by the same rules he judges himself on.
Even if he's slept with 300, your three will be two too many."

She offers advice on

But let's see if evidence if men are actually idolized for promiscuity or if we are the ones passing harsh judgement. 

study reported by the Toronto Sun, cites evidence suggesting that not are only men equally judged for a promiscuous past, but are also the one ones doing less judging when compared to their female peers:

"The sexual revolution has come a long way: now men are judged just as harshly as women for having "too much" casual sex.

It is increasingly a "level playing field," said researcher Rachel Allison of the University of Illinois, who looked at the survey responses of more than 19,000 college students from 22 different U.S. schools.

Based on their responses to questions, including "If (wo)men hook up or have sex with lots of people, I respect them less," the study found nearly half (48%) of students were "egalitarian conservatives" - meaning, equal opportunity disapprovers.

Women were more likely than men to lose respect for promiscuous peers of either gender: 54% of female respondents, as compared to 35% of males.

But only a quarter of the men hold the traditional double standard of losing respect for sexually liberal women but not men.

About 27% of respondents were "egalitarian libertarians" - they don't care how much a man or a woman hooks up."

So we can clearly see that evidence actually suggests, men tend to be more forgiving and tolerant of promiscuity towards both genders (65%) compared to women who only make up of 46% of the same group. 

Original Source for the study: Study: College Students Lose Respect for Peers Who Hook Up Too Much

In summary: 

Despite being told we benefit from promiscuity and sexuality, men were found to be more conservative; have a less promiscuous past when fake lie detector tests showed that women scored almost twice as much as men did, and we were found to be more honest and less judgmental about it. Women on the other hand, tend to lie about their sexual past and are actually encouraged to be dishonest by their fellow women, who are actually are the more judgmental when it comes to sexuality towards their fellow women,. All this evidence flies in the face of feminists' claims that men are evil, sexually entitled, promiscuous authoritarians.


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