Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Origins of Bias Against Boys in School

       We are aware that today, the education is heavily biased in favor of girls, at the expense of boys. But not many people know that the the landmark case in 1989 where feminists sued the State Education Department for discrimination because scholarships were based on SAT scores and boys scored higher than girls so they determined this was a form of sexism against females because it was "unclear" why boys scored higher on the SATs than girls so it was a violation of constitutional rights. The case subsequently resulted in the criteria for scholarships to based on factors other than SAT test scores and thus the number of boys getting scholarships dropped 50% almost immediately. From The New York Times:

"New York State's method of awarding merit scholarships to high school students on the basis of their scores on Scholastic Aptitude Tests discriminates against girls, a Federal judge in Manhattan ruled yesterday. He ordered the state to change its selection process.
In a preliminary ruling, Federal Judge John M. Walker said the state's exclusive use of S.A.T. scores to award Empire and Regents Scholarships violated the equal protection clause of the Federal Constitution.
The lawsuit was filed last October by two organizations, the Girls Clubs of America and the National Organization for Women, and by 10 New York high school girls.
It challenged the State Education Department's plan to revert to using only the S.A.T. to determine eligibility for the state scholarships. For 10 years until last year, that was the sole criterion in New York."

There you have it, there's the National Organization for Women veering its ugly head to make sure women and girls have "more equality" than men and boys.

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