Friday, August 21, 2015

The Mother of Feminism Describes her Days as a Communist Fanatic

Betty Friedan, the mother of modern feminism, described her fanatical communism in her book "Life so Far" and how she went to the communist party's headquarters and asked to be a member. This is vital information for understanding the political philosophy that helped shape the woman who created the most powerful gender relations movement in history.

Let's examine the notes I took in the book on this subject. 

On page 57 she describes how her and her friends would go to Communist Front meetings and she describes the day she went to ask to join the party. She also talks about how merely being a liberal wasn't "revolutionary" enough for her.

On page 59 she describes how they sneered at liberals because they weren't as radical as her and her communist friends.

On page 62 she talks about how she went to the communist newspaper headquarters to offer her services.

On page 70 she boasts to her parent's friend about being a communist.

So there you have it, the mother of feminism openly stating that she used to be a proud communist and even asked to join the communist party. This information should help you understand why the feminist movement has an undying obsession with women working and why they devalue housewives and stay-at-home mothers. This also explains why they believe that the taxpayer should be responsible for women's reproductive decisions. Pick up a used copy of this book and everything will make a lot more sense.

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