Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Relational Aggression: Wives Commit Most Social Sabotages and Love Withdrawals.

     In a 2010 study by Brigham Young University titled "Relational aggression in marriage", researchers discovered that wives are more likely than husbands to commit acts of social sabotaging and Love withdrawals. 

In order to understand those terms better, let's take a fist look at the questionnaire in the study to see how these are defined:

So we can summarize the definition of social sabotage as the following:

  •  Talking behind spouse's back
  • Triangulation; pitting others against spouse
  • Spreading negative rumors about spouse 
  • Demeaning or degrading spouse in front of others
  • Deliberately spreading rumors to be mean
  • Blackmailing spouse   
And the definition of love withdrawal from the study:

  • Giving silent treatment
  • Intentionally ignoring spouse to get one's wishes
  • Giving cold shoulder
  • Emotional and sexual neglect
  • Not pay attention to spouse

Now let's look at the PDF of the study to look closely at the results:

So women are 8% more likely to withdraw affection than husbands, and are 12% more likely to commit social sabotage. 

And when controlling for marital conflict, the rates that women engaged in love withdrawing and social sabotaging increased even more:

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