Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The media rationalizes the fact that women lie more than men by claiming that men's lies are more ego driven

New research shows that women lie more than men on social media. But hold on...wait for it...Women's lies are good lies while men's lies are ego-driven and bad according to this. Witness the amazing mental gymnastics of the female-worshipping media at it again. Quote:

"A study of deceitful behaviour on the internet made the surprising finding that women lie almost twice as much as men in social media posts.
The reason women lie is less surprising, if you believe in gender stereotypes: women tell porkies to make other people look good. Men do it to make themselves look good.

So there you have it guys, women lie two times more than men but they never do it to make themselves look good unlike us evil men who always lie to make ourselves look good. Can you smell the bullshit?

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