Monday, August 31, 2015

Betty Friedan Admitted Most Women Did Not See Themselves As Oppressed

Betty Friedan, the woman who is considered the mother of feminism, revealed on page 287 of her book "Life so Far: A Memoir" that most women did not see the feminist movement as helping their condition. And perhaps most importantly, she revealed that most women also did not see themselves as an oppressed group despite the feminist movement's claims that they were speaking in the name of all women who supposedly comprised this one big oppressed collective.

"[A] Louis Harris Poll found that
a vast majority of women (65%) supported efforts to strengthen
women's status in society, but few (17%) thought that women's
organizations were helping. Contrary to the self-styled "revolutionary"
new NOW leadership, the majority of women polled did not think of themselves as an "oppressed group."

This information is of tremendous importance because it knocks the legs from underneath the often repeated argument that feminists rescued the female population from virtual chattel slavery in the 60s and 70s.

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