Thursday, August 6, 2015

Most Women in Yahoo Dating Video Reinforce Objectification of Men as Human-Wallets

In this recent Yahoo video on dating, it showcases a group of young women in our modern age of equality, talking about what they expect in a date. The immense sense of entitlement a significant portion of women today carry themselves with is on full display here. Listen to them utter the following gold-digging gems for your listening enjoyment. Quote:

"He whipped out coupons to pay for his movie ticket. Be cheap on your own time but don't be cheap with me"

"A man ALWAYS has to pay on the first date EVERY SINGLE TIME"

"He asked for me to pay, that was definitely a turnoff and never again"

"I don't want a man with any debt"

"It's really annoying when you're dating someone who earns a lot less than you"

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