Monday, August 31, 2015

The Mother of Feminism Admits She Invited and Recruited Radicals to Join Her Organization

The idea that radicals just accidentally took over the feminist movement against the wishes of the honorable pioneers is a myth. Betty Friedan, the very mother of the feminist movement, admitted in her book "Life so Far: A Memoir", on page 188, that she not only invited radical feminists into the movement, namely in The National Organization for Women, but she actually went and recruited them ACTIVELY. Also on that same page she admits that some of the first wave feminists were racists who turned against black people when black men got the right to vote before white women.

"I went out to Berkeley to try to
recruit women members of the leadership of the SDS (Students
for a Democratic Society), the radical student movement...
I wanted the young, radical women in NOW and was more
concerned with getting them in than I was establishment women"

And here she is on the same page admitting that some of the feminist pioneers were racist.

"Not all the early members of NOW shared my determination
to make the movement as large and inclusive as I did. Some of
them were old-timers who had gotten their ideologies from men,
and some of the old suffragettes were, I think, racist... some of our feminist foremothers had
later turned bitterly against the blacks in their own frustration
that women were not added to the amendment that gave black
males the vote."

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