Saturday, September 5, 2015

95% of Genetic Counselors Would Not Tell a Man The Truth About Whether His Partner's Offspring Were His or Not

A recent article in the London Telegraph revealed the startling truth about how some professionals in the scientific community are purposely concealing information in situations where men whose DNA they test are not the father of their partner's offspring.


"Genetic counsellors are the professionals who advise on the results of tests for hereditary conditions, often after samples have been taken from foetuses in the womb as well as from the parents. Consequently they are often the first to know that the father isn’t the father. A study in America found that more than 95 per cent of them would not tell a man that the child wasn’t his. (Around 95 per cent of genetic counsellors are female, and you have to wonder if more men would be informed if more counsellors were male.)"

So if genetic counselors have admitted that they are concealing paternity information from fathers, we have to wonder how many other institutions in the scientific community are concealing similar information. The public deserves to know. these children deserve to know and of course these men deserve to know, but of course the feminist controlled scientific establishment isn't interested in studying the responses of other scientists who look at paternity.

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