Friday, September 11, 2015

Despite Mothers Committing Most Infant Murders, Psychiatrists Still Call Them "Selfless".

In an international study called "Child murder by mothers: patterns and prevention", it was revealed that mothers commit most of the child murders.

Interestingly, women who had aggressive thoughts towards their children during colicky episodes comprised 70% of the cases.

In India, 43% of women suffering from postpartum depression had infanticidal thoughts towards their children, and 36% engaged in infanticidal behaviors.

Now, keep in mind that these numbers are probably higher due to the fact that the psychiatrists were underestimating the prevalence of infanticide by mothers.

Even though they admit this very telling information above, the infanticide laws rationalize their engagement in these child-murders by stating that mothers might kill their children for  "altruistic" i.e, selfless reasons.

And here in this latest screenshot, we read that the rest of the nations surveyed in this study, based their infanticide laws on the British one, and show the same levels of leniency towards mothers who commit infanticide, and a considerable number of them don't even meet the criteria for mental illness. 

Despite all that, the prevention section, still calls the primary reason for women killing their children "altruistic". 

We can see that equally mentally ill fathers are not given the same privileged treatment that mothers who commit infanticide are given. The study claims that "some feminists" are against this supposed gynocentric views of mothers who kill their children, yet groups like The National Organization for Women, the most powerful feminist organization in the U.S,  has openly defended Andrea Yates, who killed her children and did receive treatment for postpartum depression. Here's the Washington Post reporting it:

HOUSTON –– The National Organization for Women and other groups said Monday they are helping to raise money to defend Andrea Yates – the mother accused of drowning her five children in the bathtub – in part to help other women suffering from postpartum depression. 
"It gives us a platform for something that obviously needs education," said Deborah Bell, president of Texas NOW. "One of our feminist beliefs is to be there for other women. Some good may come out of this tragedy." 
The groups also oppose the death penalty for Yates, saying her depression should be taken into account in any punishment.
Yates, 37, called police on June 20 and admitted drowning her children in the tub. Her husband, Russell Yates, told police his wife was depressed and had been treated for postpartum depression. She is under suicide watch in a jail psychiatric unit.

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