Saturday, August 15, 2015

Women Less Likely to Choose STEM Due to Weaker Math Skills; Women With Same Math Skills, Have More Career Options Than Men.

Despite the massive misandric propaganda by the mainstream media in conjunction with feminist movement, one of the reasons women are underrepresented in STEM careers is due to the fact that women in college simply have lower scores in math, and not due to gender stereotyping. The study is reported by
'Math – not college faculty's belief that female students lack brilliance – points to why fewer women are in STEM fields, research at the University of Kansas shows.
Combining data from the faculty beliefs study with GRE scores, Ginther and Kahn found the higher the field's GRE math requirements, the fewer women in the field. The research also found the larger the gap between a higher math and lower verbal score, the more likely someone was to enter a math-intensive field, which favored men.

"What we are saying is very similar. They say the attitude of the people in the field is preventing women from getting a Ph.D. We are saying those attitudes may or may not be a factor, but really it happens a lot earlier than college," Ginther said.'

And another vital study also reported by suggest that one of the key factors of women not choosing STEM is due to the fact that women with the same math skills as men tend to have more career options:

"Women may be less likely to pursue careers in science and math because they have more career choices, not because they have less ability, according to a new study published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science. 
The researchers examined data from 1490 college-bound US students drawn from a national longitudinal study. The students were surveyed in 12th grade and again when they were 33 years old. The survey included data on several factors, including participants' SAT scores, various aspects of their motivational beliefs and values, and their occupations at age 33."

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