Monday, August 24, 2015

Women Commiting Acts of Violence Against Men in the Name of Feminism on Trains

The latest incident of feminist violence and bullying involves a young woman boasting about stomping on a man's foot who was sitting across from her on a train and who, according to her, was manspreading. If you are not familiar with the term "manspreading" it's basically a phrase created by feminists on tumblr to describe a man who is committing the crime of sitting in public seating with his legs spread too far apart. The report on the story states:

"Manspreaders everywhere: beware. There’s a feminist haunting trains in a city near you who’s not above physical abuse to get you to close those pesky legs of yours. One hyper-annoyed girl saw a man spreading his junk out across from her on the train, so she kindly squashed his foot and he stopped, according to her tweet...She then replied to her own tweet to inform everyone that the offender then moved from his seat entirely, so she ” definitely won this battle.”

You can view her proudly tweeting about her act of violence here.

This act is reminiscent of how a feminist in June of this year (2015) was thrilled to brag about sitting on 12 men who were "manspreading" on the train according to her. The feminist movement praised her far and wide and not a single person in the media condemned her behavior.

The fact that feminists are allowed to not only commit violence against men in public but boast about it shows you just how acceptable sexism and bigotry against the male gender is in our culture right now. You can bet they are going to continue to push the envelop until they eventually seriously hurt someone or kill a man. I wonder if they will be declared a hate movement then.

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