Monday, August 31, 2015

The White Mother of Feminism Wanted to "Spank" Black Women for Not Wanting to Join the Movement

Betty Friedan, the mother of feminism, admitted to wanting to "spank" black women who said they did not want to join the feminist movement because they supported black men. 

This was shortly after The National Organization for Women(NOW) was created. The information below is taken from page 186 of her book "Life so Far: A Memoir"

"I wanted young black women as well...I met with students with their new
afros...It was hard to convince those young black women to join
NOW. I remember sitting on the floor and talking with all these
young women and some men and the women saying to me:

don't want anything to do with that feminist bag. Black women
have been too strong. It's the black man who should get his
power now. Then they'll take care of us." Well, I wanted to spank

So you can clearly see the control-freak personality on full display in that quote illustrating how she wanted to physically attack black women because they didn't want to join her feminist cult.

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