Sunday, September 22, 2013

Cultural Expectations and Behavior on Father's Day vs Mother's Day Revealed by CBS News

A CBS News article from Father's Day giving us a peek at how selfless fathers are inside the average household. If this so called "male privilege" isn't exhibited on Father's Day in the numbers then where does it exist? When does it exist and how do you measure it? Take a look at the article:

"Do moms receive more attention on Mother’s Day than dads do on Father’s Day?

According to an online survey by, 81 percent of adults feel that Mother’s Day and Father’s Day should be celebrated equally, however over three-quarters (77%) of both men and women who responded to the survey feel that, in general, mothers tend to receive more attention or celebration on Mother’s Day than dads do on Father’s Day.

The survey found that quality time with the family (dinner, grilling, outing) is the gift dads are most hoping to receive this Father’s Day. In a list of common gifts children have given their fathers in years past, ties and “#1 Dad” T-shirts are the least-hoped-for presents by dads.

When shown a list of possible gift categories, only 35% of fathers who responded to the survey said they wanted some sort of gift that cost money for Father’s Day. Conversely, 52% of moms who responded to a similar survey in May said that they wanted gifts that cost money vs. homemade items or time with family...

Over half (51%) of adult respondents reported that they typically spend between $1 and $100 on Father’s Day gifts. Conversely, 67% of adults who responded to a similar survey in May said that they tend to spend between $1 and $100 on Mother’s Day gifts.

Six in ten respondent dads (60%) do not expect their wife or significant other to get them a gift for Father’s Day."

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