Tuesday, September 17, 2013

American Still Prefer Male Bosses And Women Prefer a Male Boss More Often Than Men Do

Femanazis and the organizations that represent them often claim that having male bosses is oppressive to women but when asked whether they have a preference for the gender of their boss and if so what gender the women responded more often than men that they had a specific preference for the gender of their boss and that they prefer their boss to be a man.


And these type of findings have been duplicated several times over when both genders were asked similar questions so why does this myth still exist that most women find the fact that they have a male boss oppressive and a sign of the male patriarchy? Here are the findings from the Gallup Poll as illustrated in the image:

"Women More Likely to Have an Opinion, But Prefer a Male Boss, As Do Men

Although one might hypothesize that men would prefer a male boss and women a female boss, this does not appear to be the case. Instead, the results from the latest Aug. 11-14 survey show that the major difference between sexes is in terms of having a preference at all, rather than in terms of the preferred gender of one's boss.

The majority of men express no preference regarding the gender of their boss, while women are both more likely than men to say they would prefer having a male and a female boss. Still, both men and women end up preferring a male boss -- men by 26% to 16%, and women by 39% to 27%....

Age Makes Big Difference in Preferences Among Women, But Not Among Men

Americans younger than 50 tilt only slightly toward a preference for a male boss rather than a female boss (31% vs. 27%), while those 50 and older are significantly more likely to say they prefer a male (35% vs. 16%).

There is an important interaction between age and gender in terms of boss gender preference. Women younger than 50 are virtually even in their preferences, with a slight two-point tilt toward a desire for a female boss. Women 50 and older are substantially more likely to prefer a male boss, 44% vs. 18%. There is little difference in the preferences of men, regardless of their age"

And it's not just the women in the US who prefer a male boss. Also the Gallup Poll suspiciously left out stated reasons why the people polled said they preferred a male boss. But the London Telegraph gets more to the meat of the matter:

"Most women prefer working for men
Two thirds of women prefer working for male bosses because they are better managers and less prone to moods..."

"Many female employees also like having a man in charge because they are 'more authoritative' and 'more straight-talking' than their female counterparts.

Women rated men 'tougher', 'better at delegation' and also more likely to regularly dish out praise.

And men were also hailed as being better decision-makers and having more grasp of the business overall than women do.

It also emerged four out of ten women who have female bosses believe they could do a better job than their immediate superior."


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