Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Victoria Woodhul-Martin Feminist Hero Was Early Pre-Eugenics Megalomaniac Who Wanted to Sterilize All "Unfit" Including Women 1927

Victoria Woodhull is another hero given to feminists to look up to as a champion of women's rights, however it is seldom mentioned that actually Woodhull was a wealthy banker who actually advocated the need for forced sterilization for women deemed unfit to breed and wanted women with deformities eradicated from the gene pool. 

Woodhull was promoting eugenics coercion and the idea that poverty was a hereditary disease before Francis Galton Darwin but Darwin was given credit for it since he came from the prestigious Darwin family when in actuality Victoria Woodhull was the one to make these ideas known in America and Britain before him. The following article from the Ny Times dated May 8, 1927 shows Woodhull praising the Buck v Bell Supreme Court decision which declared the Government could Constitutionally force any woman deemed unfit to have her tubes tied and where Carrie Buck was then forced to have hers tied. 

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