Friday, September 13, 2013

First Wave Feminists Were Opposed by Groups of Women Opposed to Granting Women the Right to Vote 1909

Women who want the right to vote in New York are met with groups of women who are opposed to giving women the right to vote and they are led by women. When reading through this history of the feminist movement so far it isn't even abundantly clear what percentage of women were actually in favor of giving women the right to vote. One thing that is clear is that when granted the right to vote less than half of the women in New York used their right to vote. The reason most commonly given by the women opposed to the right to vote was that they didn't want to have the obligations men had imposed on them in order to be allowed to vote. They felt their duty was at home with the family and didn't want that to change. For the radical feminists reading this please know that yes indeed I do post this stuff just to piss you off:

Women Who Want Right to Vote Are Met With Women Who Are Against Right to Vote 1909 by diligentpurpose

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