Friday, September 13, 2013

High Number of Black Stepfathers Providing for Children in Black Community Defies the Myth of All Black Men Being Dogs

All black men are deadbeats but everywhere you look there are black men stepping up and being stepfathers to children who are not their biological children according to the Pew Survey center:

"A higher share of blacks than whites or Hispanics have step family members. Among black adults interviewed in the Pew Research survey, 60% have at least one step relative. This compares with 46% of Hispanics and 39% of whites. The biggest gap between blacks and whites is in the proportion of each that has step or half siblings. Some 45% of black adults report having at least one step or half sibling, compared with 26% of whites. Roughly the same proportion of blacks and whites have a living stepparent. And blacks are somewhat more likely than whites to have stepchild.

Among blacks, there is a large gap in the percentage of men and women who report that they have stepchildren. One-in-four black men (24%) say they have a step child, compared with 14% of black women. Black men are also much more likely than white (15%) or Hispanic men (7%) to say they have stepchildren."

So if all men are dogs then where are all these stepfathers coming from? And not to make it a racial issue but black male bashing is our favorite past-time on Black Entertainment Television. Another interesting statistic revealed in the article is regarding the plummeting rate of marriage in the black community:

"In 1960, 61% of blacks ages 18 and older were married; by 2008 only 32% were married."

What has happened since the 1960s to account for this? Well Betty Friedan's "The Feminine Mystique" was published in 1963 which ignited the second wave feminist movement and as I've shown that book demonized the nuclear family as an oppressive setting for women and she compared housewives to concentration camp inmates.

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