Saturday, September 21, 2013

Not All Women Are Like That

Not all women believe men are animals or rapists or criminals by mere virtue of them being men. Not all women are accomplices to radical feminism, cultural misandry and gynocentric bigotry. Some women are outraged at witnessing the systematic disenfranchisement of fathers, some are fed up with boys being treated with contempt in the public school system, they are fed up with female teachers who molest boys being given slaps on the wrist for exploiting children who could easily be their own child or nephew. They are fed up with being treated like victims by default while Governments and Institutions trample over men's rights on their "behalf". Furthermore not all men support men's rights advocacy in fact there are almost as many men who hate men as there are women who hate men and these men side with women almost always on gender issues. So for anyone who believes it is just an issue of men vs women I'm sorry to tell you but it's much more complex than that. I cannot list all of the women who are our sisters in this fight but I would like to thank all of them for sharing their stories, telling the female femnazis the real truth and lending their voices to this struggle. Your presence means alot:

Jessica Kenney
Jackie Christensen
Liz Guerrero
Crystal Denise Dickerson
Ali Rose Rush
Dawn Cardiff
Kristy Fleming
Elizabeth Faith
Heather Skipp

And quite a few others I'm sure I left out.

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